How Has Bernardo Chua Changed The Coffee And Tea Industry?

The coffee and tea industry around the world is one of the most versatile and competitive today, and the coffees and teas from OrganoGold are truly the best in the field. Bernardo Chua has used his position as CEO to help grow the company into a worldwide network of sellers who privately offer the coffees and teas from OrganoGold. This article explains how OrganoGold has been ahead of its time, and there is a look at how private sellers benefit from the OrganoGold business model.

#1: The Organic Growing Process

Organic growing in the Philippines has been a standard at OrganoGold for over 40 years. This is where the 5 time awarded Bernardo Chua made his start. The company has been supporting organic growers on islands across the Philippines, and the company uses only the best beans and leaves for every product. Customers can taste the difference when they try their first batch of coffees or teas, and the difference in flavor has made OrganoGold popular across Asia for decades.

#2: Private Selling

Everyone who wants to sell OrganoGold may start their own small business selling to friends, family and customers. Private sellers purchase the products from OrganoGold at a wholesale rate, and every product is sold at a profit. The profits are kept by the seller and OrganoGold continues to make the products for its sellers. Sellers have been recruited across Asia to start their own businesses, and these sellers may work from their homes to sell their favorite products.

#3: Energy Drinks And North American Expansion

The healthy version of Gano Excel energy drink has been introduced by Bernardo to make OrganoGold a presence on the energy drink market, and he has come over to America to sell products to brand new private sellers. There are many people in North America who prefer to eat and drink the healthiest things they can find, and OrganoGold has brought an organic energy drink to the market. Bernardo is a visionary who knows how strong the energy drink market in America is, and he will continue to grow the brand in North America. The benefits of the drink have been touted on Bernardo Chua’s personal Facebook many times.
The OrganoGold family of products has offered better flavor for every customer, and the private selling model allows many people to start their own business. OrganoGold has created financial independence for some, and the brand is offering better flavor to everyone who buys.

Ross Abelow Defends New York City’s Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow, a New York City Lawyer, has a heart for animals. Recently, Abelow started a fundraiser with the hopes of raising 5,000.00 so he could donate it to New York’s animal shelters. His hope was to enable the shelters to purchase food and other needed supplies for the large wave of homeless animals that occurs each winter in the city. With the cold weather in full swing, many animals find themselves thrown out or lost with no where to go. Shelters are at capacity and they need help in order to help these animals. There is usually a higher number of animals out on the streets during the winter months. Either they are abandoned or their family falls on hard times due to the economy and they turn the animals out. Whatever the reason, these animals need help and Abelow was willing to do just that. Abelow wanted to donate money so shelters could provide food and warmth to these lost animals allowing owners to locate them or others adopt them.

Ross Abelow has lived in New York for a long time. He attended New York State University where he received his undergraduate degree. He later attended Brooklyn Law School where he graduated with his degree in Law. His concentration is on family law where he concentrates on matrimonial law, family law, commercial litigation, civil rights, and even entertainment law. He has practiced law for over 20 years. He is registered to practice law in the state of New York. He is a most sought out lawyer and is considered an expert in his field. He has demonstrated a professionalism that speaks volumes to clients. He conducts himself in a professional and ethical manner that demonstrates his ability to handle himself under stress. He knows the prohibitions that are against conflicts of interests and he abides within the law. He stands out in the field of law and endeavors to make a good name for himself.

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Do All That You Can To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Sergio Cortes is a very well known Dr. in the country of Brazil. He is the Secretary of Health and he is very interested in informing the citizens of Brazil about how and why to prevent the Zika virus. Zika is a disease that was first discovered in the 1940s, and it was discovered in certain African countries. After the disease was discovered in Africa it soon spread throughout Asia. Within the last few years there have been many outbreaks of the Zika virus in South America as well. Brazil is one of the main countries that have had a Zika epidemic ever since April 2015.

Even though Zika in itself is not a deadly disease, it is definitely a disease that an individual does not want to have. Some of the common symptoms of Zika are the following: fever, rash, achy body and fatigue. Generally the symptoms of Zika will last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. There has been recent research that has proven that Zika can also be the cause of Gilliain-barre syndrome. Gillian-barre is a serious disease that affects the autoimmune system and the neurological system. It has been found that many of the areas that were worst affected with with Zika in Brazil also have the most cases of microcephaly. For that reason it is very important for individuals to do all they can to prevent the disease.

Zika is a disease that is not contagious; it is only spread when a certain type of mosquito bites a person. Everyone should be concerned with preventing the disease, and pregnant woman in particular should do all that they can to avoid the Zika virus. In order to avoid the virus there are certain steps that an individual can take. The first thing that is very important is to try to keep the body covered when it is at all possible. It is also important to make sure that there are screens on all doors and windows; Sleeping with a mosquito net can also prevent mosquito bites. Even though the Zika virus has been all over the news because of the people that have been affected in Brazil, a person can take certain measures to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes.

FreedomPop’s Hotspot Should Be A Hot Seller

FreedomPop came up with an incredible concept. Customers who purchase phones with SIM cards from FreedomPop gain access to an established amount of free phone, minutes, and data. To say FreedomPop exceeded all expectations would be an understatement. The number of people in the U.K. and the U.S.A. have reached levels so high, FreedomPop is expanding service in numerous ways. PC Mag has a new story on the arrival of a global hotspot.

Now, people who are subscribers to FreedomPop can expand their coverage to 25 countries. Travelers definitely are going to find the expanded service to be enormously helpful since traveling all over Europe doesn’t automatically mean being out of the FreedomPop communication loop. Within a year, venturing out of western Europe won’t be much of a problem.

Accessing the global service is not exactly difficult. Paying a $49.99 fee to access the hotspot, and acquiring the necessary SIM card for $10 are all that has to be done. The access fee only has to be paid one time.

FreedomPop has filled a niche so many people searching for phone service desired. They wanted incredibly cheap mobile access without hidden costs or unreasonable monthly fees. FreedomPop absolutely delivered on those requests.

The combined number of customers in the United States and the United Kingdom is well over 1.3 million. The figure is sure to grow. FreedomPop has raised a massive amount of new capital to offer even more services. The overall subscriber numbers are sure to grow even more as a result.

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QNET Is On Big Philanthropic Mission That Is Making The World A Better Place

QNET is one of the biggest direct selling companies found in Asia. This company has a variety of products that are sold through the proprietary e-commerce platform. They mostly sell life enhancing products  to customers and distributors who are spread in over 100 countries worldwide.

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To be able to supply its products all over the world the company has decentralized its operations to 25 offices and agencies found in different countries. They also have over 50 stockists all over the world, mostly in countries that do not have their offices or agencies. The UAE QNET has offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and runs its logistical operations from in Mussafah.

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Of late, QNET has set out on a philanthropic mission to help out the less fortunate in the society. Recently QNET partnered with the Lions Club International give some donations towards various noble courses. The two organizations share the same mission embedded in their philosophies of “raise yourself to help humanity.” Through this partnership, they were able to donate Kidney Dialysis Unit to help patients suffering from kidney related ailments. The Kidney Dialysis Unit were donated to the Shirdi Sai Hospital, Devasandra, Bangalore India, which mainly caters for patients with kidney failures. This donation will go a long way in saving lives of many patients who would have suffered due to insufficient dialysis equipment in the hospital.

QNET started the WE CARE program under the CSR initiative of QNET in India, to help improve the lives of the less privileged members of the society. Under the WE CARE program, QNET has started initiatives to improve healthcare facilities and accessibility, education and also comes in during times of disasters to help those affected get back to their normal lives. So far the have been able to provide disaster aid of basic household relief kits to over 200 families at Meenambakkam, Chennai, who were affected by the floods that recently hit the area. This relief kits contained sheets, mats, cooking pots, and other basic household items that will be very helpful to the victims as it has given them something to start on. Most of the beneficiaries of the kit aids lost everything to the floods and were currently homeless.

QNET also united with other donors mainly streaming fro the Indian film and television industry to give a financial donation. This financial donation was also aimed at helping the Chennai flood victims. The money was donated during an award ceremony that was dedicated to helping the flood victims through film celebration. This event was attended by various high profile visitors.

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