Keith Mann’ New Scholarship Award Program Readily Welcomed by Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann, founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, announced in 2016 that he was introducing a new scholarship program that targets Brooklyn, New York City. The scholarship will be awarded to a top achieving student, from Uncommon Schools, who has proven beyond any doubt that they deserve a college education. In addition, they must prove that they worked hard enough through attaining top academic honors in high school.

The award will be named the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. It will be offered as a form of partnership with an organization called Uncommon Schools. The organization runs 44 schools that are located not only in New York but also Massachusetts and New Jersey. Uncommon Schools serves around 14,000 students mostly from low income backgrounds and families. It aims to provide them with an opportunity to get a good college education.

The scholarship is only open to students who attend schools chartered to Uncommon Schools and that are based in Brooklyn. The scholarship will be only awarded to one student every year that graduates from Uncommon Schools. Keith Mann said that he was keen to support the nonprofit organization in its mandate to prepare its students to attend college and become professional leaders.

All prospective candidates will be required to submit a well written essay of 1000 words. In the essay, they should explain how thy plan to achieve their professional goals using a college degree. The final application date is February 29, 2016. One winner will be announced and notified before the end of the next month of March. They will be awarded $50,000 that will all go towards covering their college tuition.

The school has gladly accepted the new scholarship offer. A counselor employed by Uncommon Charter High School, Joe Frick, has expressed gratitude at the generous offer made by Keith Mann. He said at least one student was assured of attending college.

Keith Mann is a businessman who started Dynamics Search Partners. The firm offers executive and human personnel to top companies in different sectors of the economy including hedge funds. Keith is quite passionate about philanthropy and giving back to society as evidenced by the scholarship award made to Uncommon Schools.

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Oisin Hanrahan Continues to Build His Handy Cleaning Services Brand

In the home cleaning industry there are many people that have become fans of Handy Cleaning Services. They have confidence in this organization because this is the type of company that shines brightly as one of the cleaning service empires. There have been other competitors, but the stellar service of the contractors keeps Handy Cleaning Services at the top of the list.

The founder, Oisin Hanrahan, has been good at making the decisions that would help this company evolve. He has expanded in areas that many other executives may not have considered, and there are more services on the way. Plumbing and painting are offered, but Handy is also getting into the business of electrical work with contracted workers.

The brand is getting a great expansion because more contractors in places like Toronto and London that are signing up for this type of contracted work. There are more people in Chicago and Boston that are coming out to work for Handy. The strength of the business will rely on the competence of the contracts. That is what Hanrahan realizes, and that is why he pays attention to the employees.

The contractors that are representing Handy are uniquely skilled in different areas. These are people that are making the most of their time by doing full time or part time jobs. They are out there to help people get their homes clean, but these contractors are also there to provide for their own families. This is a two-fold concept where they work hard because they know that it gives them job security. The schedules are flexible, and workers are not locked in as employees because they are contracted workers. This is a unique blueprint for business, but this has allowed the business to grow by bringing work opportunities to various countries.

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Premium Dog Food Increases The Market

When it comes to dog food, you want to make sure that you are feeding your pet the best possible blend of ingredients. Yet sometimes we find that those ingredients are filled with the most degrading quality ingredients you can find on the market. When you are looking to purchase premium dog food, you want to make sure that the ingredients are solid, easy to pronounce (and understand) ingredients that you know are good for you dog. If you are looking at a list of ingredients and you’re not sure what they are or how they can be good for your dog, they probably aren’t. That’s why many pet owners are taking the initiative and making sure that their furry dogs are getting the proper nutrients that they need, and they don’t mind spending the money. The billion dollar market has raised much attention throughout the years, and continues to increase into a market that is highly desired and a must for our dogs.

Purinastore’s  Beneful understand exactly what our dogs need to stay healthy and agile. They blend their kibbles with ingredients you can see, read and understand.  After each piece is baked to perfection, the bags, boxes or cans get passed for inspection. Beneful really take pride and careful attention in ensuring that your animal is getting exactly what they need to thrive and carry on with their happy-go-lucky selves.

Purina Beneful  understand that each dog has different needs, and that is why they offer dog food that focuses on exactly what your dog is going through at the time. Whether they are older, puppies or just need a more sensitive dog food, Beneful can provide your pet with the best natural dog food on the market. Our dogs don’t live long enough as it is and we all know they age fast than us, so why not give them a natural, wholesome diet that will increase their quality of life.


The Success of Highland Capital Management

The leader of the Highland Capital Management Firm, James Dondero, has announced his plans to join together his $19 billion credit fund with Argentina’s plans to pay off their debts. This new plan to buy some of Argentina’s new bonds will take place in mid-April of 2016. The $12 billion that Argentina hopes to sell come mid-May will mark Argentina’s new entrance into the international bonds market. Highland Capital Management will be one of the many firms that will be buying multiple bonds from the entire country.

Highland Capital Management firm is an investment firm that currently oversees over $19 billion in assets. This includes credit hedge funds as well as emerging market credit funds. The co-founder and current president of Highland Capital, James Dondero, had been the biggest holder of Argentina’s notes that are worth $4 billion. The current worth of $4 billion notes is to be due in 2033.

This also means that debt investors who have piled in Argentina over the years will more likely stay behind to invest even more in the country even after the exit of the country’s default. James Dondero specifically states that the company plans to hold their original bonds; however, the company is still looking for some new issuance. James Dondero and his team are optimistic as to where Argentina will be likely to price their debt as well as where the debt is the most likely to trade in regards to other Latin American countries.

In total, Argentina plans to sell $11.68 billion of bonds that will yield around 7.5 to 8 percent by mid-April. The bonds will be sold at three different maturities consisting of five years, ten years, as well as thirty years. Jim Dondero expects to see the yields fall down to 6 percent in the short-term. This overall prediction is also predicted to improve the overall outlook on the country’s monetary as well as fiscal situation.

The country itself exited this market in 2001 due to a $95 billion default. James Dondero is confident that their help will surely improve the new fiscal year for Argentina as well as the many years to come in the economic world.

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Kochs Open New Family Office

1888 Management LLC has been opened by David and Charles Koch, a small firm that has recently separated from Koch Industries Inc. that has been managing a portion of their personal wealth and investments.

Charles and David’s $100 billion dollar fortune is directly tied to their grandfather Harry Koch, a Texan newspaper publisher who undoubtedly held his grandchildren’s penchant for libertarian politics. 1888 was named in honor of Harry.

Though the number of actual dollars managed by 1888 hasn’t been officially disclosed, those close with the family office estimate $2 billion is being used to be incorporated in Delaware, Florida, Kansas and California.

How the money will be spent might have something to do with the man running the office. Trent May, formerly from Wyoming Retirement System, based in one of the most socially and politically conservative states in the country, is running the family office. He’s best known for allocating millions of dollars to Moore Capital Management and Bridgewater Associates, meaning that May is a comfortable ideological and business fit for 1888.

However, 1888’s board has seven managers, three of which are executives of Koch Industries, which include people who have helped Charles fund his political causes in the past and during this presidential race.

Though 1888 has kept its hiring relatively small, uniting the family office into a tight circle, the inclusion of May definitely puts money on the agenda, particularly in organizing key investments. But with the inclusion of persons invested in political causes, many wonder if Charles ambitions are more than financial.

Forbes has listed Charles Koch as one of the World’s Most Powerful People, and is arguably the most politically invested billionaire in the United States. Charles has often been outspoken about his support for libertarian causes and politicians. A forum that he hosts annually has had noted conservative speakers like Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Charles has directed his political leanings through Koch Industries, run by himself and his brother David for nearly 50 years.


What Bob Reina Knows About Video Conferencing

Bob Reina did not just wake up one day and decide that he was going to change the video streaming industry. He spent years and years thinking about what he could do to make that marketplace better. He also spent a great deal of time learning how to run a business and how to create tools for other businesses that would make them more profitable. All of this lead to his ability to create Talk Fusion.

The vision that Reina had for Talk Fusion started all the way back in 2007 with some video e-mail services that he was offering. At the time it was almost unheard of to have video embedded into an e-mail or anything else for that matter. He saw this as the way of the future, and he wanted to work on making video a more normalized part of the Internet using experience. As such, Reina continued to work on ways to get video more integrated into the Internet, and to find others who shared his vision of doing exactly that.

Today, Talk Fusion is a big part of what companies all around the world use as their means of communicating with one another and with their customers. The video revolution is in full swing on the Internet, and many Internet users cannot imagine what it would be like to not have streaming video available on the web.

Many do not yet use Talk Fusion, but that is surely about to change. After all, the company only continues to take more and more market share with each passing year. The superior performance that it offers over other services is reason enough for many to decide to make the switch, but it is more than just that. They appreciate what the company is attempting to do for them, and they reward the company by putting their hard earned money back into the service.

Ross Abelow Opens His Heart With The Go Fund Me Page For Animals

Have you ever walked down a really busy street in a large city and almost stepped on a dog or cat? People in large cities all over are noticing that the homeless pet population is skyrocketing out of control. When we sit and wonder why it is skyrocketing out of control we come up with the conclusion of someone being lazy. Lazy is not what happens. Animal shelters all over the world are overbooked with dogs and cats. No one really wants to older dogs or the larger dogs. Most want the cute and cuddly puppies or kittens. Thankfully they may find a home but what about the rest?

Animals need food, shelter, and warmth just like humans. These animals on the street are in need of all of these things. They also need medical attention. People may toss out a few crumbs off of a half eaten sandwich but that is the limit. Shelters are too full to accommodate any more dogs or cats. They end up putting down the ones in the shelter just so they can bring in new ones. This is unfair and cruel. Ross Abelow is an Attorney in New York. He is working hard with the community. He is setting up a go fund me for stray animals in hopes of landing money to help the shelters. Every penny that is raised will go to fund shelters with food and medical supplies for these animals.
The hopes are for the go fund me to raise $5000. dollars or more.

Ross Abelow is part of a law office that represents families and corporations. The type of law they handle is more in line with contracts and wills. Ross graduated from New York and passed his bar exam to begin a career in New York. He represents people in NY and surrounding areas. Ross is a good-natured family man that is hoping to really help these homeless dogs and cats get off the streets. If everyone would donate a few dollars to the cause, homeless animals would be a thing of the past. No one would have to worry about stepping over lost dogs in the streets.  Have a heart, donate to the Ross Abelow go fund me page for Strays in NY. You will feel better about yourself and those innocent animals.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner: Magic in a Bottle

Wen hair is no ordinary conditioner. It sets itself from like products by delivering just what it promises to in its bottle. The bounce, lustre, and an increased volume of hair are testament enough that Wen is the best conditioner. When tested by for a week, customers noticed a significant difference in how their hair looked and felt. Emily McClure of recommended the product to other users noting that her hair did feel different as a result of using the conditioner.

If you are looking for a hair confidence booster, then WEN hair product line by Chaz Dean is the right product to cleanse your hair with. The product recommends how many pumps to use depending on your type of hair. The conditioner should be massaged into the scalp and pulled through towards the ends. You should let it sit in the hair for a while before washing it off.

It does not promise magic but would it hurt if your hair bounced right back to a healthy, shiny mass? The difference is almost immediate.  For $32, the Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner is a good bargain. The product is both a shampoo and conditioner, and also doubles up as a styling treatment.



Talk Fusion has Revolutionized the Online Video Communication Industry

Talk Fusion represents a fruitful idea that was built from scratch by Bob Reina with the support of his friend, an IT Genius. The company was launched on 2007 and has become an international leader in the development of video communication commodities or products. It remains privately held with its headquarters in Florida, United States.

Talk Fusion’s Video Technology

Through its advanced video technology, helps to connect individuals from diverse parts of the globe. In addition, the use of Talk Fusion helps to empower individuals to attain their dreams or objectives. Consequently, the Video Email has been included in CONNECT, which is Talk Fusion’s strongest suite in its video communication merchandise. The suite boasts of video newsletters, live video chat, conferencing solutions, and live meeting.

Team of Experts

The teams consist of video professionals, dream builders, graphic gurus, master wordsmiths, and technology wizards.

Talk Fusion Products

The company has gained a lot of popularity and success making it the eighth biggest online service provider in terms of video content globally. Since it holds membership in the Direct Selling Association, its products are designed with the concept of keeping it simple. Consequently, they are highly attractive and easy to use and demonstrate.

Detailed Information about Bob Reina

Bob Reina served as a police officer in the Hillsborough County and a distributor for different direct selling businesses. His knowledge in the direct selling business or industry later became instrumental to his entrepreneurial objectives when the Talk Fusion idea clicked his mind. The idea for developing the Talk Fusion came about during a holiday in North Carolina back in 2004.

This was after failed attempts to send a video of a prospective vacation home to his friends through the email since the file was too large. Reina intends to continue developing advanced products, which will be consistent with the future. Further, he attained his criminology degree from the University of South Florida before joining the Tampa Police Academy, where he graduated top of his class.

Giving Back to the Community by Raising Money for Homeless Animals

A new fundraiser has been launched that will benefit stray animals in New York City. Ross Abelow has started a Go Fund Me page with the hopes of raising at least $5,000. Once all of the money is collected, it will be given to animal shelters in New York.

As a longtime resident of New York City, Ross Abelow has seen that when winter comes, homeless animals suffer. When they are left out on their own and cold-weather strikes, many animals die. Even if an individual finds a homeless animal and tries to take it to a shelter, sometimes they are turned away. Animal shelters in New York City are facing two big dilemmas.

In an effort to give back to the community, Ross is trying to get more and more people involved in the effort of raising $5,000 in order to benefit animal shelters. The money that is raised is going to help alleviate some of the problems that animal shelters are facing. Once the money is donated, it can be used to purchase food and blankets. Also, money will be available to purchase medicine and medical supplies for animals that come to the shelters sick. The problem of having limited space can also be addressed. Shelters can be expanded or other steps can be taken in order to have more space available for animals that need help. Ross has decided to spearhead this campaign, but hopes that lots of people in the community and throughout the nation will get involved. Small donations can be made by using the Go Fund Me page.

Ross Abelow has spent many years defending clients who are involved in difficult family situations. He is an experienced lawyer who primarily takes cases that have to do with matrimonial and family law. He is a partner at a popular law firm that bears his name. Many individuals have benefited from the legal advice that he posts online. He maintains a personal blog site and also contributes posts to well-known legal blogs that many individuals consult when they have legal questions. He regularly posts information on his Facebook and Mashable accounts that have proven to be extremely useful to individuals who are facing difficult legal situations.

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