Igor Cornelsen Investor, Advisor, And Businessman

When it comes to making money in business, there are few people who are better than Igor Cornelsen. He has done a great job of building his business in Brazil over the years. He invests in a lot of real estate, and that is an industry that has done well recently. From the returns on his investments, he is able to invest money into other areas that he is interested in. Igor Cornelsen recently invested money to start a mining business in Brazil. It will be interesting to see whether or not that investment pays off for him.

Starting Out

Igor Cornelsen is not someone who was born into a lot of money. Igor Cornelsen started working from an early age, and he quickly realized that starting a business was the fastest way for him to get ahead. He has started a variety of companies during his career. Over the long term, he has always wanted to invest in the lives of others. He gives a lot of time and money to help people that are less fortunate in the local community.

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Giving Back

One of the biggest ways that Igor Cornelsen helps out his local community is to offer temporary housing to people who need it. With all of the real estate properties on icrowdnewswire.com that he owns, he is passionate about using those properties to benefit others. If you are someone who wants to make a positive impact on the world, he is a great person to learn from. Over the years, he has always wanted to help people get to the next level in their life.

Reference: http://igorcornelsen.tripod.com/

How the Study of Kabbalah Can Improve Your Life

Can Kabbalah Really Improve Your Life?

Kabbalah looks at the world through a mystical and spiritual perspective. It involves taking religious and law texts found in the religion of Judaism and interpreting them through a spiritual and mystical viewpoint instead of the traditional religious point. Thus, a religious or law text in Judaism can take on a whole new meaning and point of view when looked at through the perspective of Kabbalah study.

The Zohar is central to the study of Kabbalah. It is believed to have been compiled by the Jewish sage Shimon Bar Yochai. The Zohar is a document that took all previous works of Kabbalah and bundled them together in one document. Commentary on many poorly understood and explained subjects was also added by Shimon Bar Yochai. He not only organized works on Kabbalah but also clarified many subjects. The Zohar thus, is critical to the study and understanding of Kabbalah.

What The Kabbalah Centre Teaches

There are many different interpretations and styles of teaching of Kabbalah that depend on the teacher and beliefs of the instructor. The Kabbalah Centre teaches Kabbalah with the following core beliefs. They include the principle of sharing. By sharing, the Kabbalah Centre staff believe that people can overcome the negative aspects of the ego. Sharing is also believed to bring us closer to god’s divine light, since it is an act of kindness that leads to fulfillment.

Another core principle is being aware that within each of us, that there exists an ego. Acknowledging that we have an ego and keeping it in check is the key to a long, happy and meaningful life. The Kabbalah Centre focuses on limiting the negative aspects of the ego such as greed and jealously and promoting positive aspects that can arise from the ego such as motivation and willpower.

A third tenet of Kabbalah Centre study is the teaching of spiritual laws. This includes things such as karma and cause and affect. All of our actions and thoughts have consequences and they can lead us to enlightenment or a lower orderly self.

Technology, Innovation, Eric Pulier

The title of this article is the very definition of what the article is about. You may have never heard of Eric Pulier, but that’s ok. This guy is a man of many acts as he uses his supreme brilliance to better man-kind. There aren’t too many other individuals that are willing to do what he has done, but that’s what makes him so interesting in the end. Eric Pulier is simply outstanding when it comes to creating solutions from the smallest of ideas. His love for technology has thrust him to the forefront of the technology field and he uses this talent to make life a much better place for individuals.


Eric Pulier attended Harvard University with a major in English/American Literature. He held a very busy schedule compared to most of his peers and he attended classes at the prominent higher learning institution of MIT. The foundation has been set from this time in his life, but did you know that he also wrote a column for the Harvard Crimson? This is no easy feat as this publication has a standard for greatness and nothing less. Pulier would also serve time here as an editor as well. By 1988 he would graduate magna cum laude and three years later he would begin a fresh start in California. People Doing Things was one of Puliers first founded companies of his adult career followed by Starbright World. These two companies themselves served a great purpose by helping chronically ill children as well as solving intractable problems in the education and healthcare fields.


Being such business savvy has allowed this guy to be a founder of up to 15 companies. He even sold was of his latest companies for a whopping $350 Million. That’s the blueprint to success and Pulier demonstrates this perfectly. Whether it’s investing, business, technology, or entrepreneurship; this guy has done and seen it all.

DIY Peel Off Lip Tattoo vs. store-bought version


Today it’s another, “DIY or buy,” in which I sacrifice my body to help you guys decide if this is worth doing yourself, or if you should just go out and buy the product.


Now the store-bought product I’m going to be comparing my DIY to is the 24-hour lift catcher. I purchased this product and featured it on my channel over a year ago. The color is a deep burgundy, so I’m going to try and match my DIY to this burgundy color. Wish me luck!


For the DIY, you only need a few ingredients. The first one is Elmer’s Glue. This is a popular product in DIYs. Some of you have commented that it’s bad to put on your skin, but I remember when I was a kid, I would rub this stuff all over my body, just as an excuse to peel it off. I turned out fine, moreover, it says that it’s non-toxic.


According to Wengie, The other thing you need is food-dye, from the supermarket, in the baking section. I bought a five-color pack, and I’m going to mix the blue with red because burgundy is a little purplish.


Squeeze the Elmer’s Glue into a jar. Next, put in ten drops of red dye, followed by one blue drop. Now, mix it together with the back of the brush. Using a dropper bottle for the food dye is much more convenient and less messy than just dumping in the dye. If you want to save it, put it in a sealed container and it should stay in liquid form.


Okay, once you’ve wiped your lips clean, use a brush to apply the mixture to your lips. Be careful, you don’t want it to get onto your skin. Next, I’ll try the store-bought version. The store-bought version is actually much runnier. Now just wait for it to dry. The store-bought one is actually a bit easier to apply because it’s smoother.


Okay, now it’s time to peel off! The DIY actually worked. It proved to be the same color as the store-bought version.

Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an all in one marketing platform. Talk Fusion can provide video newsletters, video emails, sign up forms, live video meetings, and video chat. Talk Fusion is a worldwide company and their products are available in a variety of languages. It is great for any size business to use. There is awesome tech support to help your business with any questions a company may have. Talk Fusion even customizes graphics and marketing to fit specific businesses and brands. Working with Talk Fusion feels more like working with a business partner rather than a distant third party company. Talk Fusion offers a 30 day free trial for businesses that would like to try out using it. Talk Fusion is an all in one video marketing solution. Talk Fusion saw how difficult it was to share video media via email and came up with a user friendly, aesthetically pleasing solution. Video newsletters can share more information in a faster and easier way to customers.

Talk Fusion is also very philanthropic. They are a company that understands the importance of giving back. They are especially passionate about animal causes and love helping out non profits that work with animals. Talk Fusion provides a variety of products and produces awesome graphics to help your company stand out from competitors and have the edge you want. It is very easy to sign up to use Talk Fusion’s products. Talk Fusion helps you reach more customers in a more efficient and eye catching manner. Talk Fusion is a great value!