The Success Story Behind The Chairman And The CEO Of Capital Group

Timothy Armour is the current chairman and the chief executive officer of Capital Group, a leading financial services company in America. He is also the chairman and the principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, a subsidiary of Capital Group and the chairman of Capital Group Companies Management Committee.

Mr. Armour holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. After graduating from college, Timothy began his career at Capital Group as a participant in The Associate Program. For the 33 years, he has worked for Capital Group, Tim has progressively been promoted to various positions. Timothy worked as the Capital Group investment analyst where he acted as the manager of global telecommunications and U.S service companies.

Mr. Tim was appointed as chairman of Capital Group in 2015 following the death of their chairman, Jim Rothenberg. Mr. Jim died of a heart attack while on vacation at the age of 69. While addressing the press, Mr. Armour mourned the sudden demise of Jim whom he termed as a close friend and a colleague. He praised Jim as a purposeful leader who had the interests of the company and the clients they serve at heart. He further pledged that despite the death of their chairman, under his leadership, Capital Group management committee and their associates will work together to preserve their 84 years legacy of showing commitments to the clients whom they serve.

Tim Armour is committed to expanding Capital Group. Under his leadership, Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management (SAM) formed a strategic partnership working agreement to cooperate on developing investment strategies for individuals and institutions in the Korean market. The two companies will work together on developing retirement solutions, assets allocation products and improve Samsung Asset Management investment capabilities. Capital Group will help SAM increase their investment capabilities by equipping SAM’s management team with relevant skills such as business and client management.

During a press release, SAM’s CEO Sung-hoon Koo praised the partnership saying that it will enable his firm to increase its active equity investment capabilities and implement changes in their asset allocation and product strategies. Mr. Tim on the other hand, welcomed the partnership adding that their bigger plan is to co-design investment solutions to fulfill the savings, retirement and insurance needs of the Korean business community.

Timothy Armour is a business leader who does his work diligently. Since he joined Capital Group, his outstanding performance has enabled him to be promoted to various positions until today where he is the company’s chairman. From his story, it is evident that hard work and determination are the true pillars for a better tomorrow.

Julie Zuckerberg : Benefits of Executive Recruiters to Job Seekers

Getting an opportunity to work with an executive job recruiter is priceless. Experienced recruiters have had the chance to work with many companies thus creating a wide clientele base. Basically, they have a wider network that you will ever have, unless you are an executive recruiter yourself. Therefore, they increase your chances of landing a job in a shorter time. Besides, they get paid if they get you hired. So, you can trust them to get you a job speedily. Also, if you are in employment and are secretly looking for greener pastures, you can always trust them to keep your job search confidential.


If you are looking for a job in LA, consider aligning yourself with executive recruiters such as Julie Zuckerberg. There is a reason why I advocate for her. Not only does she work for the one of the leading companies in the city. Rather, she has the experience to land you your dream job. Her career began some 15 years ago. Back in the year 2002, her career started as the Director of Candidate Placement and since then she never turned back. With her first job being at Hudson, she mostly worked for law firms and financial institutions. Most of her clients were lawyers and paralegals. She would advise her recruited candidates on the benefits and opportunities in their work. Her services would also be sought by employers and employees who were having conflicts in their workplace. Having excellent negotiation skills, she always managed to settle workplace disputes.


Julie Zuckerberg started working at Hudson as a fresh college graduate. She had graduated with her undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the City University based in Brooklyn. She then furthered her education at the New York University and graduated with her Juris Doctor. When in law school she acquired knowledge that would be instrumental in building her career. By getting herself an education, she was able to acquire negotiations, employee management and selectin skills.


Soon after Julie Zuckerberg stopped working for Hudson, she moved to Citi Global Functions and Citi Global Consumer Bank. She offered the company as well as the bank, recruitment services. She would oversee the contracts made between the company and the various search firms. She also managed every step of the recruitment process. Julie Zuckerberg also played the critical role of hiring the management team of the company, including managing directors and directors. In 2017 November she left Citi and joined New York Life Insurance Company. She only spent four month here before leaving the company for Deutsche Bank where she is currently employed.


When she got employed at Deutsche Bank, she assumed the role of Executive talent Recruiter as well as Vice President of the company. She immediately formed a team of project managers and recruiters. She continues to change the face of employment at the bank. Today she is the executive talent acquisition lead, a position which she assumed as from the year 2015.


Julie Zuckerberg enjoys eating cakes, walking and running.