George Soros Is the Man Who Does Not Shy Away From Politics And Philanthropy

George Soros is an individual who has a vibrant heart to bless others. Even at his advanced age, Soros is both an investor and philanthropist, and also happens to be the man behind the creation of Open Society Foundations, a society that helps countries around the world deviate from communism.

Having been developed in 1979, the Open Society Foundations is very vocal when it comes to challenges and opportunities that face various countries across the globe. The Open Society Foundations helps keep governments in check so that they do not overstep their power and start ruling their subjects with an iron fist.

Apart from being highly involved in politics, George’s Open Society Foundations has been able to help disabled children across the globe find adequate funds to secure them a good education. Such financial assistance has occurred because Soros is a great believer in the abilities of young talent, and thus knows that by funding young minds then he will be able to yield adults who can produce quality output in future. Learn more on about George.

Through the education support program, Soros also wants to eliminate inequality and any gender disparities that characterize this sector. Also, some programs have been set under the Open Society Foundations to have parents together with governments held accountable for the welfare of their children.

Moreover, Open Society Foundations has been on the forefront to ensure that people from vulnerable communities receive financial aid to help uplift their livelihoods. Drug use, especially among members of the youth, has been on the rise. With this increase in drug use, many potential souls have ended up dying. As a way of putting a stop to the premature loss of life, the Open Society Foundations under George’s leadership invest heavily in rehabilitation centers that prove that they are ready to help the young generation deal with the drug addiction menace.

Photography as a tool is being used to raise awareness among members of the public. Besides, George Soros believes in woman potential. For this reason, his foundation has worked hard to ensure that women rights never get undermined. A country cannot succeed when its citizens are ailing. To this end, the Open Society Foundation offers health programs meant entirely to help people. Also, the health programs hold governments accountable by making sure that they work on their manifestos with regards to public health. Read more at The New York Times about George.

For those children with productive minds but lack the financial means to advance their education, George’s Foundation offers scholarship programs to help such people. Finally, George’s impact has been felt all around the United States of America. Soros is a major supporter of the Democrats. Therefore, Soros is a person who has accomplished almost everything in life and thus uses his influence to help people who rarely have a say in what goes on around them.

Not Just Another Bottled Water

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth. People from all over the world go there to experience the beauty of this lush and peaceful place. Folks move the Hawaii to pursue a healthier and more relaxed way of life. You could only assume that Waiakea springs are as delicious and pure as the land itself.

In 2012 Ryan Emmons started Waiakea Water. It is the first in its class because of what it has to offer. It is healthy, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible. Not only that, but it is filtered through a volcanic rock. How cool is that? Mauna Loa volcano is the largest volcano on the planet. It reaches over 4 acres with an elevation of a staggering 13,678 feet. It is surrounded by 10 million acres of ocean.

Waiakea water is rain and snowfall that passes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. It filters out the bad stuff and leaves you with a refreshingly clean water that is rich with minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

It is also alkaline and electrolyte rich that can help aid acid reflux and fights osteoporosis. This volcanic water is good for hair, skin, and nails.

What is the socially conscious aspect of this amazing water? For every bottle purchased, 650ML of clean drinking water is donated to disadvantaged communities. As of yet, they have provided 500 million liters of water to such communities. A resource that most Americans take for granted.

You may be thinking only celebrities drink this stuff and it must cost a pretty penny. According to Forbes, anyone can purchase Waiakea Water and is actually cheaper than other premium bottle waters out on the market. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

It cost only $1.79 for a half-liter and $2.79 for a full liter. It is made of entirely 100% recycled water bottles and takes 85% less energy to produce. On top of that, the water source does not get depleted. It takes only 30 days to replenish.

So next time you are in the market and need a drink, you may consider purchasing Waiakea Water. It’s helping someone else get the clean water they need too.

Mikhail Blagosklonny – The Brilliant Scientist

Mikhail Blagoskolonny is well known scientist In New York city. He is an oncology professor at Roswell Park cancer institute who specializes in the study of cancer and aging. Mikhail has a Masters Degree in Internal medicine which he earned from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St Peters burg.He also earned a PhD. from the same institution in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology, he was made an associate professor at New York medical school in the field of medicine in Valhalla in the year 2002.

Later on, Mikhail went to Ordway Institute of Research where he had the opportunity to serve as a senior scientist. In the year 2009, He joined Roswell park Cancer Institute as an Oncology Professor.

Mikhail has had enough experience by working in different places. This has made him became not only an excellent but a distinguished professor in this field. He has had his research focused on bio gerontology, cancer, anti-aging drugs. He also had research and experiments on cancer therapies that prevents damage of healthy cells.

He is currently working at Cancer Biology and therapy as an associate editor. He is also the editor in chief of Oncotarget and cell cycle and also a member of a board that deals with death of cells and their differentiation. He recently introduced a hypothesis in signaling the relationship aging and cancer. He is among the highly ranked passionate advocates of Rapamycin-a drug used to treat cancer. He has had long researches in drug resistance in normal cells, onto-genesis, the cycle of a normal cell, mitosis and tumor suppression among others.

The aging hyper function theory was authored by this passionate scientist. He pays close attention to oncology as he believes that aging and cancer can be controlled. Unlike the common belief, Mikhail says that cancer can be cured basically by using Rapamycin.

Mikhail Blagoskolonny is among the most hardworking and committed oncology researchers in the world. He has taken his interest far enough that he has written over 300 research articles and book chapters. He has gone ahead and published several reviews in his name not forgetting that he is also an associate editor of an American journal- PLOS ONE. What inspires him is his unconditional care for humanity psyched up by a vision that he holds to see a disease free community.