Talk Fusion will keep on Working

Talk Fusion is the kind of model that is going to last forever, and it is going to last forever because it is built to last. Bob Reina has hired an IT team that can handle and adapt to all of the changes in that tech landscape. They will never be caught off guard or surprised by anything that is thrown their way. They are ready, willing, and able to roll with the punches as they come. That is something that has been noticed by those in the industry and those that are familiar with companies like Talk Fusion which offer video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences.

They see they are working around the clock to make the product the best it can be and have features that make things easier for the customer. The customers just want to get the work done and focus on that. That is their main priority, and they are committed to it, which is why they receive awards like the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. What is most remarkable about that is the fact that Bob Reina was quick to thank everyone else, especially his IT team.

He has never been one for the spotlight. He likes to get his work done behind the scenes and he likes to focus on doing good for people. He likes to learn, research, and keep his finger on trends. This way, Talk Fusion will never be outdated and it will never reach a point where people do not need it anymore. By advancing itself and making tremendous changes like they have, they are setting themselves up well for the present and the future. Bob Reina knows this is no time to relax, take it easy, and bask in the awards.

If anything, the two awards from the same company in 2016 is fuel to him to keep proving people right and keep letting their faith in Talk Fusion be worthy. He does not like he has to prove people wrong. He likes to prove them right in regards to their praise of Talk Fusion.

Waiakea Water Promotes a State of Good Health and Well-Being

Since the Waiakea brand of bottled water comes from all natural sources it is no surprise to see that the people behind this brand chose to partner with an organization that also promotes health and well-being when they created their promotional contest.

Accordingto Organic Authroity, the contest was posted on social media sites where followers of the Waiakea water brand of water could enter to win a free round trip to beautiful Oahu. The round trip airfare allotted the winner a total travel expense of $1,000 provided as a complimentary service through Skyscanner. The name of the contest was Follow Your Flow, which was chosen because of the energy flow attributed to a balanced state of being.

The winner of the contest had the opportunity of participating in one of the best health-oriented festivals held on the island of Oahu. The Wanderlust Yoga Festival took place over a three day period during which time the contest winner was able to participate in outdoor adventure hikes or meditation sessions.

The festival also provided live music, professional yoga instructors and an array of foods grown locally. The food provided at the festival also came from sustainable sources in a similar manner as the brand of water that sponsored the contest.

Promoting Good Health

The big island of Hawaii is home to many protected forest areas including those surrounding the island’s Mauna Lao volcano. Waiakea water is classified as a renewable resource, because it comes from the continuous rain that falls on the Mauna Loa volcano. This also classifies the water as being volcanic as well as natural.

The rain that falls on this volcano makes its way into the surrounding ground where it is filtered by volcanic rock formations that give the water its natural alkaline state. As a water with a pH level of 8.8, Waiakea water promotes good health, because is better at hydrating the body.

As the water makes it journey through the underground rock formations to the Waiakea springs where it is captured and bottled, it also picks up beneficial minerals that give it a light, refreshing taste.

Since the water comes from a protected environment it remains in its pure state even when bottled. The company behind this brand also works to help preserve the Eco-systems of the planet by placing the water in RPET plastic bottles, which are also BPA free. Since the bottles use less energy to manufacture they also reduce the carbon footprint left behind on the planet.

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Rick Smith Helping Families and Friends Connect to the Incarcerated

Securus is a prison technology company based in Texas. This company was founded in 1986 and currently they have multiple regional offices. Securus is a result of two different companies, Evercom and T-Netix, merging back in 2004. These two companies were leaders of the corrections market industry.

Securus helps to connect friends and families to their friends and families that are currently incarcerated. This is done through different superior communication services. Securus is currently the largest inmate communications provider. Their goal is to help the relationships between inmates and their friends and family be maintained through different options such as inmate calling options and even video visitation. This can be done from anywhere by anyone using an Apple or an Android smartphone, PC or even a tablet. Securus also is able to serve more than 3,400 different corrections agencies, law enforcement and public safety members as well as more than 1.2 million different inmates all across Northern America.

In 2008 the Chairman and current CEO of Securus, Richard Falcone, announced that Rick Smith would become the new CEO of the company. Rick Smith has an amazing background, a great set of skills learned along his life, a lot of experience and a very impressive track record. These life lessons, skills and experiences give him the ability to lead Securus. Mr. Smith also has experience in telecom and he has maintained several different positions in a large variety of different roles. His previous experience took place at Frontier Corporation and his different positions included roles in information technology, finance, operations and even business development as well as many others that helped prepare him for his current role. Read more on

For the years leading up to the position of CEO of Securus, Rick Smith was the CEO of another telecom company known as Eschelon Telecom. It was during this role with this company that Mr. Smith grew the revenue by massive amounts. He was able to grow revenue from $30 million to around $350 million. Mr. Smith did other amazing things, as well, such as growing EBITDA to around $80 million, which was a CAGR of 48%. This success that Rick Smith had is what led this company to a successful IPO during 2005.

As well as having all of the necessary experience to run Securus, Rick Smith also has all of the necessary education. He not only has received his undergraduate degree, but he then went on to pursue graduate school and received a graduate degree as well. Mr. Smith has his Bachelors of Science in the field of Electrical Engineering. He also holds not only his Master’s degree in the field of Mathematics, but he also has a Master’s of Business Administration.

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