Eva Moskowitz – the Education Reformist of New York City

Eva Moskowitz is the proud founder of Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City. She also doubles up as the CEO. Eva founded the group of schools in 2006 when she opened the first Academy in Harlem. Through her leadership, the Success Academy Charter Schools have become the largest and the best performing school network in New York.


Eva’s mission is to change the belief  that children from low-income families cannot attain higher education. She prides herself on being an education reformist who has offered an alternative school to poor children from the New York City.


Eva has led the school teachers and management in being creative and intervening children needs early enough so that the children will succeed. She has been working towards replacing the traditional models with models derived from the charters.


In her efforts to make things different at the Success Academy schools, Eva’s first move was to add on the curriculum so that they had different approaches to teaching right from kindergarten to grade 8. In English, The schools developed Think Literacy where students read as they write so as to improve their reading and writing skills. In math, the curriculum was developed to help in building a background of knowledge and capacity of students. Eva has ensured that science is taught daily in every grade. The teachers, parents, and students interact to better understand the students’ needs and how to meet them.


Eva owns a Ph.D. in American History from the John Hopkins University. She is also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she obtained a B.A (Honors) in History. Her current efforts have been in privatizing public education in New York City. She does this through the Charter school movement.


Before starting the Success Academy schools, Eva worked as a professional in different institutions. She was an Education Committee Chair at the New York City Council, and she was the director of public affairs and civics teacher at prep for prep. Working as the Chair of the Faculty Seminar in American Studies at Columbia University in New York is also part of Eva’s work history. At the City University of New York, Eva used to be the Assistant Professor of History. She is also an author and runs the Political Action Committee for great public schools.


Julie Zuckerberg Brings Recruitment Expertise to Banking World

Julie Zuckerberg is an expert at recruitment. She knows what she is doing when she recruits people and she does everything that she can to make sure that she is helping the companies that she works with hire the best people for their jobs. She is good at finding the right fit for the career position and she knows the right contacts to make the job work for the people who she wants to hire. It is something that she has worked on for many years and something that she has been doing so that she can become a recruitment executive with the biggest companies in the country.


After graduating from college, Julie Zuckerberg knew just what she wanted to do to show people that she was going to be great at recruiting others. She began working for Hudson and that was something that allowed her the chance to learn about how be an executive in the banking industry. She knew that there was a lot that she would be able to do with the opportunities that she had so that she would be able to get more out of the recruitment world. It was something that made a big difference in her career.


When she was working at Hudson, she wanted to try new things. After working there, she moved on to an opportunity at Citi. She even did a short stint with New York Life Insurance. Zuckerberg realized that she was much better at recruiting people for banking positions as opposed to insurance positions and made the switch to a different company. She wanted to work with a bank that would allow her the chance to come up with new strategies and ideas. She also wanted to work somewhere that would give her the chance to try new things to be able to get the best recruits.


That opportunity came in the form of the Deutsche Bank. This bank was a great place for people to be able to try new things and Julie Zuckerberg wanted to see where it would take her. Since she has been with the bank, she has had so many opportunities to become more successful. It has given her a chance to truly find out the right techniques and strategies for hiring. She knows that the bank will allow her to take her career even further than where it currently is with recruitment.


Sawyer Howitt Starts Promising Entrepreneurial Finance Career Before Finishing High School

Sawyer Howitt has been working as a Project Manager at the Meriwether Group in Portland, Oregon since January 2017, which happens to be in the midst of his senior year at Lincoln High School. Sawyer’s father, David Howitt, is the founder of the Meriwether Group and has more than 20 years working as a business strategist. Sawyer Howitt’s mother, Heather, is the founder of the Oregon Chai company, which she started in her kitchen. Holly and David sold the Oregon Chai company for $75 million in 2004.

In addition to Oregon Chai, the Meriwether Group has provided its financial, operational, and strategic guidance services for Adidas, Barre3, Bloch, ChefWorks, Dave’s Killer Bread, Laughing Planet, Living Harvest, Nautilus, Pendleton, Salomon, Stumptown, Xterra, and Voodoo Doughnut.

Sawyer showed interest in finance and analytics at an early age. He honed his customer service skills working at Portland’s Kure Juice Bars chain. His willingness to take on any task, no matter how large or small, makes him indispensable to the Meriwether Group. Sawyer Howitt also has a keen interest in philanthropic causes, throwing his support behind women’s rights and educational funding charities.

When he graduates from high school in 2017, Sawyer Howitt will pursue a Entrepreneurial Finance degree at Columbia University, trading the West Coast for the East. His interests outside of the business world include fly fishing, the Portland Trail Blazers, music, fashion, and health and wellness.

View Sawyer Howitt’s racquetball statistics here.


NuoDB’s ‘Vision To Reality’ Proven By The Gartner Magic Quadrant And Usage By The UAE Exchange

Founded in 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB is a cloud database company rapidly integrating its software with cutting edge technological advances.

NuoDB takes data and translates it into a software language that creates small bits known as ‘Atoms.’ This is combined with an ‘Elasticity’ for cloud based data storage. This ‘Elasticity’ enables the infrastructure and the resources it is using to expand and contract based upon what resources are being utilized which results in a reduction of cost yet enabling the system to operate free of any disruption or decay in the services being provided.

NuoDB SQL cloud database has been acknowledged by the ‘Gartner Magic Quadrant.’ This is an outstanding achievement as the ‘Gartner’ firm publishes reports that rate businesses based on their on the ability to have a ‘Vision’ and then to be successful in making that ‘Vision’ a ‘Reality.’

In other words; the ‘Vision’ can be easy but the execution and implementation of a solution that solves a problem completely and effectively or creates an advancement that soon will become typical and quickly used by other businesses with value in the market place is far more difficult. NuoDB has a proven track record of successfully creating and integrating new technology to benefit their clientele.