Stream Energy: How to reduce your energy bill

At one point in your life, you have dropped your jaw after receiving your energy bill that was too high than expected. When this happens, many people start asking questions: how is this possible? What made my expenditure too high this time? How will I make it lower in future? If this is your predicament at the moment, do not worry. Stream Energy has the answer you are looking for. The team of professionals at the company says that you should now start considering the hidden costs of all your household gadgets.

Although you might not be aware, the devices that remain plugged in your socket will use some energy even if you are not using them. Professionals say that these energy vampires might consume very little power that might seem unimportant, but they add up very quickly, giving you a huge bill at the end of the day. For instance, when you shut off your coffee making machine after using it, you might be able to save a dollar at the end of the year. The game console is not any different. Your printer and computer screen use some power too. All the applications used at the house will save you more than forty dollars in a year. Get details on Stream Energy at

If you think this is not a good deal, think about your entertainment system. In one year, your system can overuse more than one hundred and thirty dollars. This money should be in your pocket, not on your electricity bill. You can choose to spend it having some fun with your families instead of paying a wasted energy charge.

If you want to earn all your money lost in this phantom drain, you will need some diligence. This will only be possible when you choose to batch all of the gadgets from the power strips and shutting down the things that you do not need. This will be the best way to save your money and your devices from unnecessary demise. Learn more about Stream Energy at Better Business Bureau.


Stream Energy is an institution that focuses on making sure that you use your power effectively. The privately held company was founded by professionals who have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the energy department.


The American Institute of Architecture: Effectively Advancing the Standing of Architecture for the Last 160 Years

The one thing that all clients require of their service providers is professionalism. If a service provider does not act professionally, he/she is not likely to be engaged again by the same client. This challenge has over the years led to the emergence of organizations that create uniform professional standards for their members to adhere to. For American Architects, that organization is the American Institute of Architects (AIA).


The AIA was founded in 1857 by an initial group of 13 architects. Its purpose at the time of formation was to advance the standing of the architecture profession. Initially incorporated as the New York Society of Architects, it was in 1858 renamed to the American Institute of Architects. Since then it has grown to comprise of more than 300 chapters and over 90,000 members.


The leadership team at the AIA includes the Board of Directors, the Strategic Council, and Staff Leadership. The board maintains the overall authority over the organization and is led by its president, Thomas Vonier. The Strategic Council is tasked with advising the board on the direction of the architecture profession. The council was responsible for the creation of the AIA 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. Finally, the staff leadership is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization and is led by the Chief Executive Officer, Robert Ivy.

Professional Standards

Throughout its extensive history, the AIA has required its members to uphold certain ethical standards. It requires that members do not break any antitrust laws and even goes to provide general guidance on matters related to antitrust regulations. Members are also required to provide adequate accreditation on collaborative efforts. The organization maintains that architectural designs are intellectual property and failure to provide recognition is, therefore, tantamount to stealing. Additionally, the organization also avails a Code of Ethics that all members are required to strictly adhere to. The code includes broad canons, ethical standards and specific rules of conduct.

Social Responsibility

In addition to advancing the welfare of its members, the AIA also endeavors to improve the welfare of the general public. The organization has shown its commitment towards making positive changes in society by making strong stances on climate change, immigration, infrastructural development, sustainability, and diversity. For example, on climate change, the AIA has committed to help prepare the architecture profession towards the sole development of carbon-neutral buildings by 2030. Further, on the issue of immigration, the organization has called for immigration regulations that treat all people humanely, are clear and devoid of arbitrary implementation.

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Futurist: Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has made a name for himself over the past 20 years. This Teaneck, New Jersey, native is one of the most prominent names in the information technology field of work. Beside being a technologist, Pulier is known as a guest speaker, a businessman, an investor and an entrepreneur. Many people have benefited from the work of this guy, which range from people who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis, to chronically ill children. His brain just behaves in a different way than 95 percent of the earth’s population, and he uses his brain to come up with real-world solutions that make a difference.

Eric Pulier attended the prestigious Harvard University where he majored in English and American Literature. Though his family and friends thought that he would major in engineering, Pulier decided to take another route. Luckily, this new route turned out to be for the best. While at Harvard, he wrote the popular “Pulier’s Leg” column for the school’s newspaper. This paper just so happened to be the Harvard Crimson. Pulier was also the editor here, but in some form or fashion, he was able to maintain his cramped schedule. Pulier also attended the exceptional Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since he already had a strong passion for advanced technology, he would breeze through the curriculum with rather ease. After graduating in 1988, he would move out west to Los Angeles and here is where he would begin his professional career.

He has either founded or co-founded up to 15 different companies. Of course, all of them were tech related. His ability to come up with some of the most clever solutions through technology was unmatched. Not always too fund of reading while growing up, Pulier started to implement this important factor into his daily routine before heading to work. Coming up with new ideas is his thing, but there have been times where he has scrapped certain concepts. In other words, he’s human and nobody is perfect. Eric Pulier is the living embodiment of a successful being thanks to his philanthropic nature.

About Eric Pulier: