Securus Technologies Earns Accolades From Customers and Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies, an inmate telecommunications service provider has made many improvements in recent years. The services they provide has been a key factor in prosecuting many crimes in jails across the country. Staying on top of technology and excellent customer service practices have gained Securus Technologies many accolades from both the general public. Those employees involved in the corrections process have also praised Securus Technologies for their technology which has helped curb many incidents and prosecuting matters that are difficult to handle without such assistive technology. The technology has even been used to bust staff members who are being unethical. Among the top concerns are contraband being brought into the facilities and other matters such as harassment. Many drug crimes, as well as violent crimes within and outside the facilities, have also been resolved with the assistance of this technology.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1986. Securus has earned many distinctions in recent years. The company was designated an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau. The customer service ratings are incredibly strong based on customer feedback. Some of the services they offer are video calling, telephone service, email communication, financial services such as prepaid phone cards and monitoring services. More information regarding their services can be found on their website The company is making great strides and plans to continue to assist both inmates as well as correctional facilities with their premium services.


Preparing For Comprehensive Lifeline Screenings

The miracles of modern medicine are saving lives and helping loved ones live to see tomorrow. Innovation in medical technology has provided affordable solutions to monitoring your health; far more extensively than the average annual physical checkup.

Lifeline Screening offers non-invasive ultrasound screening that provides data about your health. Many painless screenings offered by Lifeline Screenings are vital for comprehensive preventative care.

A list of Lifeline screenings and the required steps of preparation

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening
Preparation for an abdominal aortic aneurysm screening requires the patient to lie on their back, while an ultrasound is used. The patient’s abdominal aorta will have images and measurements taken. Patients should wear a loose, 2-piece outfit to the appointment. Regular medications should be taken as normal, and a light meal is eaten before a 4 hour fast. Moderate amounts of liquid can be consumed while fasting.

Colorectal Cancer Screening
The FIT test can be done at home, by collecting a stool sample in privacy. Those with hemorrhoidal conditions, blood containing urine, or menstruation within 3 days should delay the FIT stool sample for boosted accuracy.

Osteoporosis Screening/Bone Density Test
Avoid pantyhose or long socks when preparing for this screening. Removing the shoe will be required.

Testosterone Deficiency Screening
Prepare for blood to be drawn between the 7 am -10 am


Health Risk Assessment – 6 for Life
Avoiding food for 12 hours boosts accuracy, and short-sleeved shirts are preferable for blood pressure testing.

Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening
Short-sleeved shirts and the avoidance of pantyhose is preferred.

Atrial Fibrillation Screening
Avoid wearing jewelry, oils are lotions or pantyhose. Wear loose clothing and make sure all mobile devices are put on silent.

Ankle-brachial index (peripheral arterial disease)
Wear loose clothing, preferably short-sleeved and avoid wearing pantyhose.

Carotid Artery Disease Screening
Wear an open-collared shirt and avoid wearing around the neck area.

Fasting Only
High Cholesterol Screening/Lipid Panel Test
Prepare to fast for 8 hours before this screening.

Glucose (type 2 diabetes)
Fasting for 12 hours.

If the patient is diabetic their doctor should be consulted about the allowance of a diabetic meal instead of normal fasting.

Prostate Cancer Screening; Thyroid Disease Screening; are Lifeline screenings that do not require fasting before the appointment.

C-Reactive Protein Screening; Elevated Liver Enzymes Screening; Elevated Liver Enzymes Screening; HS-CRP (elevated C-reactive protein; Vitamin D Screening and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Screening are Lifeline screenings that do not require preparation before arriving at the appointment.

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Josh Smith Continues Work in Sustainable Agriculture

Josh Smith is the founder and the chief executive officer of Modular Greenhouses who resides in Reno, Nevada. He is very self-driven and has the unique passion for the promotion of sustainable food production. After 15 years of working startups in various fields, Smith had a change of heart concerning his career. His father passed on due to cancer and Josh Smith started getting more interested in researching about the impact of environment, food, nutrition, and personal wellbeing.

He realized that organic foods and naturally grown herbs are the core and essence of maintaining human health. He resented the widespread consumption of fast foods around him in Nevada, water pollution in water sources for food, the feeding of genetically modified foods because of their impact on the health. Smith then set on the journey to start a company that could provide sustainable agriculture through sustainable food production. The company offers home gardening for local communities and schools.

There are other greenhouses companies which also focus on sustainable agriculture others by mimicking the methods in which the environment attracts, store, and distributing water to meet the increased demand. The organizations acquire inspiration from climate change solutions to improve food production, water, and energy. Smith’s greenhouses are special in that they can be modified and expanded easily and users can control the environment with an app.

The automated system has a lot of advantages including time-saving aspect due to the less time one spends taking care of the garden. The system also comes with instruction manuals that are easy to install by the users. The garden also provides small configurations thereby offering any size of the garden that can fit the space available; thus, it is easy to customize. The whole gardening greenhouses are automated, and Wi-Fi controlled.

Smith wanted to create a durable greenhouse that could withstand all types of environmental hazards. There is also the presence of automated tools within the garden that measure aspects like temperature and soil. Additionally, the modular greenhouses only specialize in organic food production as the solution to food poverty and sustainable food production that maintains the health of the consumers.

What is the Beneful Brand About?

When it comes to a brand, there is often a lot that can be learned about a company when a person understands how its name was given. There is much that a person can learn about Beneful when they understand the way that the company got its name and the reason that the company has the name that it has. Beneficial is a word that means to the advantage of, it is a word that means that something is good for someone. Benefulcommercial seems to have come from the word beneficial or benefit. This is a brand name that shows that the products produced by the brand are good for the pets that consume them. Beneful on Walmart.

Understand the World of Construction With Richard Mishaan Design’s Articles

When it comes to the world of architecture and interior design, Richard Mishaan Design is always in the forefront. Over the recent past, he has earned a high accolade in this field; this depicts the fact that he is well seasoned in the area. Having garnered enough experience in this field, his charming designs trickles from different homes without leaving behind commercial buildings such as hotels. This spirited designer hails from New York, but he was born and raised in Bogota, Columbia. His desire to be among the best designers gave him the drive to join Columbia University School of architecture. After that, he enrolled at New York University where he pursued Bachelor of Arts. Richard Mishaan Design’s journey of being a brilliant design commenced when he worked in the offices of Philip Johnson where he was given the responsibility of an apprentice. Definitely, such a success must have a cause.

As time went by, Richard Mishaan Design comes up with sleek interior designs and architecture with inspiration regularly from the surrounding. Mr. Mashaan wrote two exciting books of design and construction; Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern published by the Monacelli Press. Due to his expertise and experience in the field, Mr. Mashaan realized that most people believed in the dogma that any room or office is supposed to be filled with rich assortments for it to be lavish. Through this, he saw the need giving them some good ideas of creating luxurious rooms using common varieties; this motivated him to write the book, Artfully Modern. This talented designer believes that it is not the price that determines the outlook of the design. Instead, it is the experience of the designer. Richard Mishaan Design is known globally due to his magnificent works of art. Anyone in need of enriching themselves with more knowledge about interior designs and architecture has such an icon to look upon.

Betsy Devo’s Improvement in the Education Sector

Betsy Devos is a committed lady who is working so hard to help everyone who needs a good education to receive it in the United States. She founded The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation which has the purpose of helping students who come from minority backgrounds to access the education they require by getting various scholarships. She has tremendously accomplished so much in social business as well as done so much in philanthropy because all of these are her passion. This foundation in the year 2015 was able to successfully attain $11.6 million and was able to help decent proposals in the United States. Together with her family, they have qualified to be among the benevolence supported in the United States of America.


Betsy Devos used to be a candid campaigner who worked so hard in making changes when it came to education in the United States. She then became part of the Trump government as the cabinet secretary. She also mostly participated in charter schools and as a result, she was able to finance a number of institutions that included Success Academy Charter Schools as well as Potter’s House School. One of the downfalls that Betsy believes has drawn back the US is the American Education System focusing on old ideas. She knows that this can be done away with by implementing new ways that are based on the requirements of students.


Other than involving herself in charter school she has also helped in the improvement of research in medicine, this means that she is an open-minded woman who not only focuses on the education program but other important factors. The company was able t raise $100 million in a couple of five years which funded a number of good projects that are working on changing the world to become better.


One of her important focus which is the education sector has encouraged her to move all over the United States to survey the condition of education in different schools. She has also received help from some companies that are supporting her focus on education. She has the opportunity of being cabinet secretary of education to implement her ideas in this sector.


The education area has greatly improved because Betsy has a good relationship with parents and various educators thus making education more advanced. Her excellent work has resulted in a way that many students are now working on their careers and more importantly being the careers they wanted. Columbia is a good example of the places where students are able to go to schools that they choose. As a good education leader, Betsy Devos urges that some of the education difficulties should be solved in a different angle thus creating more success.


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