A Good Fight Against Autism

Autism is a mental condition present from early childhood and a person who is Autistic is characterized by difficulty in forming relationship or communicating to other people and has the impaired ability in reading and in writing. Thus, they need special attention as well as constant treatment. Studies show that out of the total numbers of children born in a year, 1 will suffer from such illness. As the percentage of the children affected become higher as years goes by, Sanjay Shah helped raised awareness by creating autism rocks. Autism rock is dedicated to serving autistic children by conducting charity works. Their mission is to let them feel that they are valued and is accepted in the community by means of entertaining them with good music.

Sanjay Shah is known to be a well-respected businessman and a preeminent Philanthropist. Not to mention the three dozen of companies he owns across London, Sanjay is also the founder of Solo Capital Markets in London that offers international financial services which includes proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investment. Solo Capital can be considered as one of the top earner in UK having a net worth of more than a million.

Sanjay was once a medicine student until he realizes that being a doctor is not the work that he ever wants for. He instead studied accounting and work for a list of investment banks like Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. Sanjah become very successful in his chosen career and behind his success is his child that was also diagnosed with autism during his early year.
Everyone can imagine how hard it is to have a child with autism. Sanjay understand that although he can afford the treatment for his child, some parents might find it hard to do so. Sanjay’s willingness to help is growing more intense that by the help of autism rocks, he wants everyone to know about the early signs and symptoms and how to deal with it. There is no such term that can be used to describe the feeling of the parents seeing their child suffer in such condition. Things can happen unexpectedly with scientific reason behind it. Sanjay cannot either stop the growth of autistic children or either completely cure them all but Sanjay, together with us can help them feel that they accepted and their existence matters. We can help make a difference. Together we can.


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