Betsy Devo’s Improvement in the Education Sector

Betsy Devos is a committed lady who is working so hard to help everyone who needs a good education to receive it in the United States. She founded The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation which has the purpose of helping students who come from minority backgrounds to access the education they require by getting various scholarships. She has tremendously accomplished so much in social business as well as done so much in philanthropy because all of these are her passion. This foundation in the year 2015 was able to successfully attain $11.6 million and was able to help decent proposals in the United States. Together with her family, they have qualified to be among the benevolence supported in the United States of America.


Betsy Devos used to be a candid campaigner who worked so hard in making changes when it came to education in the United States. She then became part of the Trump government as the cabinet secretary. She also mostly participated in charter schools and as a result, she was able to finance a number of institutions that included Success Academy Charter Schools as well as Potter’s House School. One of the downfalls that Betsy believes has drawn back the US is the American Education System focusing on old ideas. She knows that this can be done away with by implementing new ways that are based on the requirements of students.


Other than involving herself in charter school she has also helped in the improvement of research in medicine, this means that she is an open-minded woman who not only focuses on the education program but other important factors. The company was able t raise $100 million in a couple of five years which funded a number of good projects that are working on changing the world to become better.


One of her important focus which is the education sector has encouraged her to move all over the United States to survey the condition of education in different schools. She has also received help from some companies that are supporting her focus on education. She has the opportunity of being cabinet secretary of education to implement her ideas in this sector.


The education area has greatly improved because Betsy has a good relationship with parents and various educators thus making education more advanced. Her excellent work has resulted in a way that many students are now working on their careers and more importantly being the careers they wanted. Columbia is a good example of the places where students are able to go to schools that they choose. As a good education leader, Betsy Devos urges that some of the education difficulties should be solved in a different angle thus creating more success.


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