Bob Reina Leads by Example when it comes to Charitable Giving

Talk Fusion is a premier firm that has reshaped the direct selling sector. It has introduced several innovative marketing solutions and scooped a couple of prestigious awards and acknowledgments. The mission of Talk Fusion is to assist people and businesses across the globe to build futures and achieve their goals. The firm has a charitable giving program that supports both national and international charitable initiatives. The Founder and Head of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has shown his commitment to changing lives by embarking on personal philanthropic endeavors.


Under Reina’s exemplary guidance, Talk Fusion has expanded immensely and increased its earning. Therefore, the CEO believes that his firm has an obligation of helping people and supporting causes that are likely to make the world safe. He has built a culture of giving back both at the company level and at the individual level.


Leading by example

Great leaders create a path for others to follow and that is what Reina has been doing. He awarded the Tampa Bay’s Humane Society a record $1 million. Reina has participated in the rescuing of countless homeless animals. He has offered financial aid to an Indonesian Orphanage. Reina furthers his mission of making a tangible impact in the world via actions. Independent Associates across 140 countries support and repeat these actions.


Bob Reina

Bob Reina ventured into the direct selling industry over two decades ago. At the time, Reina was a full-time police officer and carrying out some off-duty tasks was his way of making extra cash. Despite many challenges as a salesperson, Reina remained committed. At times, even his phone bill was higher than what he had earned as a commission. However, Reina knew that there was tremendous potential in generating earnings from a team’s work.


His unwavering commitment and willingness to learn paid off, and before long Reina was the greatest salesperson in the direct selling field. He identified a need that was not addressed – video email. At first, the American Online considered his ambitions as impossible and impractical. Bob Reina created Talk Fusion in 2007, teamed up with IT guru, Dr. Jonathan Chen, and deployed the first video email solution into the market.