Dr. Jennifer Walden is an Authority on Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden has done a lot of great work in the plastic surgery field. She is a beautiful plastic surgeon that has helped a bring out the beauty in a lot of other women. Walden established herself in Manhattan and she moved back to her hometown of Austin after her twins were born to provide a family support system for her children.


Her skills in plastic surgery helped her gain attention from a lot of different sources. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and she is on the board for many different organizations. She serves on the board of directors for American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), and she has become knows as one the best female surgeons in the United States.


Many people outside of the Austin area know of Dr. Jennifer Walden because she has appeared on Fox and NBC. She has also appeared on VH1 regularly. Dr. Walden is an authority on breast augmentation and body enhancement in general so she is often called upon to provide information on these topics.


In addition to bountiful television appearances, Dr. Jennifer Walden has also appeared in print media. Information that she has provided on plastic surgery has appeared in magazines like Self, Cosmopolitan, Vogue  and Shape magazine. This has given her the ability to attract a lot of clients and build a reputation as one of the best females surgeons in America. She has appeared on many lists of top surgeons, and she is an authoritative source that always looks for new information.


Many of her interviews will inform people about the latest technology in plastic surgery and how this technology enhances the procedures that people are trying to do. She has a very lucrative career because there is an obsession with plastic surgery. This comes by way of Instagram and other forms of social media. That is the reason that so many people seek advice from Dr. Jennifer Walden. She has proven to be a very intriguing surgeon that attracts attention because she is knowledgeable and good at what she does.

Jennifer Walden is a top Texas doctor

Looking your best is absolutely vital, and men and women are increasingly turning towards cosmetic surgery to achieve their ideal look. Cosmetic surgery used to be cheesy, but with cutting edge techniques plastic surgeons have been able to provide their clients with the best possible service. There are many plastic surgeons in this new wave of talented professionals, but one of the top plastic surgeons in the business is Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Recently, Harpers Bazaar, a top beauty magazine, wrote an article on the top twenty-four beauty surgeons in the business. These surgeons have committed themselves to finding the ideal techniques for each client. Jennifer Walden was featured prominently in this article.

Jennifer Walden was one of the only doctors from Texas featured in the Harpers Bazaar article. Harpers was quick to note that Jennifer spent the early part of her career training with the top plastic surgeons in New York city. During her time in New York, she took great care to learn the best techniques in the business. When Jennifer moved back to her hometown of Austin, Texas, she quickly opened her own practice.

Jennifer focuses on several different types of plastic surgery at her office. She can perform most forms of facial and body plastic surgeries, but she also dedicates a great deal of time to labiaplasty. Labiaplasty has recently become trendy because women around the country want their labia to look absolutely perfect. While that part of the body is rarely seen, having a good looking labia can help a woman with her confidence. Jennifer has built a great reputation within Austin, and she currently has a waiting list for most of her procedures.

Jennifer Walden loves her field because she has the opportunity to help women build up their confidence and achieve the look they desire. She also loves having the opportunity to live close to home and make an impact within Austin.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and many women struggle to keep up. Jennifer Walden is working to improve the beauty industry for the better. She wants every woman to get the look they desrve.