Jackson Family Wines Leads the Way in Wine Making With Help From Julia Jackson

Jess Jackson, founder of Jackson Family Wines died in 2011 after fighting a battle against skin cancer. His wife, Barbara Banke worked to take over his business following his death. The sole mantra for the family is to expand no matter what. In the last recent years, they have expanded into Oregon and more recently in Australia as well as South Africa. The main lesson that the kids have taken from their parents is to keep growing, expand and acquire even more land.

The Jackson Family Wines has control over 30,000 acres and is the largest owner for the coastal vineyards in the Oregon and California region. The vineyard in Oregon alone is the largest vineyard in Oregon. These wines that come out of Oregon are much richer in flavor, is more ripe and also contains a much lower alcohol content than other wines.

Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke raised their children with the hopes that they would eventually run the business once their parents are no longer here on earth. The children spent much of their childhood in the fields helping to sort and pick grapes off the vines. They learned early on everything that they would need to know in order to learn the families business. For Julia, she loved spending her time in the fields. Julia Jackson loved learning everything she needed to know about the family business. Now she hopes to help other women learn things they need to know about being empowered.

The Jackson family has a nonprofit that they help with that helps women become empowered. The Cambria Seeds of Empowerment was founded in 2014. This is a program that helps women be celebrated and to help them to overcome the obstacles that they have dealt with during their lives. They award $100,000 dollars annually to help with nonprofits that assist in equality, spirit and community support.

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George Soros Returns in Style to Political Mainstream

The rise of George Soros as a political juggernaut has been something a long time in the making. Soros is someone who came from nothing and worked his way into becoming one of the wealthiest people on the planet, one of the most giving philanthropists in the world, and one of the foremost progressive activists that the United States has ever seen. Soros has largely been sitting outside of the spotlight of mainstream politics for the past few years but he decided to get right back into it during the 2016 Presidential Election. The reason, according to his political adviser Michael Vachon, was that the stakes were too high and the rhetoric was simply too strong and hostile to ignore.

We can see where George Soros is going by looking at where he came from. George Soros was born and raised in Hungary before he was forced to flee due to the Nazi occupation that nearly ruined the country. Soros would go on to immigrate into London where he would study at the London School of Economics, working two jobs just to make his way through University. While at school Soros would hone in on the philosophies that would define his philanthropic and political endeavors in life. Eventually Soros would sail to America, start up the Soros Hedge Fund, and become a philanthropic and progressive heavyweight along the way. Read this story at Politico.com about George Soros.

Now, we are in 2016 and the presidential election campaigns are in full swing. Soros saw how disparate the rhetoric was getting between the right and left wing and he knew that he had to jump in and do something about it. George Soros was diametrically opposed to everything that Donald Trump, a trust fund kid focusing on anti-immigrant and anti-labor policies had stood for. So, Soros immediately jumped in and put serious money down in order to back liberal candidates all around the country. Soros would end up donating nearly $25 million along the way, giving up to $7 million to a Pro-Clinton PAC as well as a host of other political action committees that stood for what Soros believed in.

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Many people wonder why Soros stayed out of the political spotlight for so long but the answer was simple: he doesn’t believe in big money playing a huge influence in politics, despite being willing to raise money for his own beliefs. An anonymous liberal operative close to Soros said that the man returned to politics in order to “balance the scales” between right wing and left wing giving. Soros also has been known to be extremely close to and fond of Hillary Clinton, calling her a progressive that is open and receptive to other progressives like him whenever he needs to talk to her. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

Bob Reina Leads by Example when it comes to Charitable Giving

Talk Fusion is a premier firm that has reshaped the direct selling sector. It has introduced several innovative marketing solutions and scooped a couple of prestigious awards and acknowledgments. The mission of Talk Fusion is to assist people and businesses across the globe to build futures and achieve their goals. The firm has a charitable giving program that supports both national and international charitable initiatives. The Founder and Head of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has shown his commitment to changing lives by embarking on personal philanthropic endeavors.


Under Reina’s exemplary guidance, Talk Fusion has expanded immensely and increased its earning. Therefore, the CEO believes that his firm has an obligation of helping people and supporting causes that are likely to make the world safe. He has built a culture of giving back both at the company level and at the individual level.


Leading by example

Great leaders create a path for others to follow and that is what Reina has been doing. He awarded the Tampa Bay’s Humane Society a record $1 million. Reina has participated in the rescuing of countless homeless animals. He has offered financial aid to an Indonesian Orphanage. Reina furthers his mission of making a tangible impact in the world via actions. Independent Associates across 140 countries support and repeat these actions.


Bob Reina

Bob Reina ventured into the direct selling industry over two decades ago. At the time, Reina was a full-time police officer and carrying out some off-duty tasks was his way of making extra cash. Despite many challenges as a salesperson, Reina remained committed. At times, even his phone bill was higher than what he had earned as a commission. However, Reina knew that there was tremendous potential in generating earnings from a team’s work.


His unwavering commitment and willingness to learn paid off, and before long Reina was the greatest salesperson in the direct selling field. He identified a need that was not addressed – video email. At first, the American Online considered his ambitions as impossible and impractical. Bob Reina created Talk Fusion in 2007, teamed up with IT guru, Dr. Jonathan Chen, and deployed the first video email solution into the market.



Keith Mann’ New Scholarship Award Program Readily Welcomed by Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann, founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, announced in 2016 that he was introducing a new scholarship program that targets Brooklyn, New York City. The scholarship will be awarded to a top achieving student, from Uncommon Schools, who has proven beyond any doubt that they deserve a college education. In addition, they must prove that they worked hard enough through attaining top academic honors in high school.

The award will be named the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. It will be offered as a form of partnership with an organization called Uncommon Schools. The organization runs 44 schools that are located not only in New York but also Massachusetts and New Jersey. Uncommon Schools serves around 14,000 students mostly from low income backgrounds and families. It aims to provide them with an opportunity to get a good college education.

The scholarship is only open to students who attend schools chartered to Uncommon Schools and that are based in Brooklyn. The scholarship will be only awarded to one student every year that graduates from Uncommon Schools. Keith Mann said that he was keen to support the nonprofit organization in its mandate to prepare its students to attend college and become professional leaders.

All prospective candidates will be required to submit a well written essay of 1000 words. In the essay, they should explain how thy plan to achieve their professional goals using a college degree. The final application date is February 29, 2016. One winner will be announced and notified before the end of the next month of March. They will be awarded $50,000 that will all go towards covering their college tuition.

The school has gladly accepted the new scholarship offer. A counselor employed by Uncommon Charter High School, Joe Frick, has expressed gratitude at the generous offer made by Keith Mann. He said at least one student was assured of attending college.

Keith Mann is a businessman who started Dynamics Search Partners. The firm offers executive and human personnel to top companies in different sectors of the economy including hedge funds. Keith is quite passionate about philanthropy and giving back to society as evidenced by the scholarship award made to Uncommon Schools.

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The Success of Highland Capital Management

The leader of the Highland Capital Management Firm, James Dondero, has announced his plans to join together his $19 billion credit fund with Argentina’s plans to pay off their debts. This new plan to buy some of Argentina’s new bonds will take place in mid-April of 2016. The $12 billion that Argentina hopes to sell come mid-May will mark Argentina’s new entrance into the international bonds market. Highland Capital Management will be one of the many firms that will be buying multiple bonds from the entire country.

Highland Capital Management firm is an investment firm that currently oversees over $19 billion in assets. This includes credit hedge funds as well as emerging market credit funds. The co-founder and current president of Highland Capital, James Dondero, had been the biggest holder of Argentina’s notes that are worth $4 billion. The current worth of $4 billion notes is to be due in 2033.

This also means that debt investors who have piled in Argentina over the years will more likely stay behind to invest even more in the country even after the exit of the country’s default. James Dondero specifically states that the company plans to hold their original bonds; however, the company is still looking for some new issuance. James Dondero and his team are optimistic as to where Argentina will be likely to price their debt as well as where the debt is the most likely to trade in regards to other Latin American countries.

In total, Argentina plans to sell $11.68 billion of bonds that will yield around 7.5 to 8 percent by mid-April. The bonds will be sold at three different maturities consisting of five years, ten years, as well as thirty years. Jim Dondero expects to see the yields fall down to 6 percent in the short-term. This overall prediction is also predicted to improve the overall outlook on the country’s monetary as well as fiscal situation.

The country itself exited this market in 2001 due to a $95 billion default. James Dondero is confident that their help will surely improve the new fiscal year for Argentina as well as the many years to come in the economic world.

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How Has Bernardo Chua Changed The Coffee And Tea Industry?

The coffee and tea industry around the world is one of the most versatile and competitive today, and the coffees and teas from OrganoGold are truly the best in the field. Bernardo Chua has used his position as CEO to help grow the company into a worldwide network of sellers who privately offer the coffees and teas from OrganoGold. This article explains how OrganoGold has been ahead of its time, and there is a look at how private sellers benefit from the OrganoGold business model.

#1: The Organic Growing Process

Organic growing in the Philippines has been a standard at OrganoGold for over 40 years. This is where the 5 time awarded Bernardo Chua made his start. The company has been supporting organic growers on islands across the Philippines, and the company uses only the best beans and leaves for every product. Customers can taste the difference when they try their first batch of coffees or teas, and the difference in flavor has made OrganoGold popular across Asia for decades.

#2: Private Selling

Everyone who wants to sell OrganoGold may start their own small business selling to friends, family and customers. Private sellers purchase the products from OrganoGold at a wholesale rate, and every product is sold at a profit. The profits are kept by the seller and OrganoGold continues to make the products for its sellers. Sellers have been recruited across Asia to start their own businesses, and these sellers may work from their homes to sell their favorite products.

#3: Energy Drinks And North American Expansion

The healthy version of Gano Excel energy drink has been introduced by Bernardo to make OrganoGold a presence on the energy drink market, and he has come over to America to sell products to brand new private sellers. There are many people in North America who prefer to eat and drink the healthiest things they can find, and OrganoGold has brought an organic energy drink to the market. Bernardo is a visionary who knows how strong the energy drink market in America is, and he will continue to grow the brand in North America. The benefits of the drink have been touted on Bernardo Chua’s personal Facebook many times.
The OrganoGold family of products has offered better flavor for every customer, and the private selling model allows many people to start their own business. OrganoGold has created financial independence for some, and the brand is offering better flavor to everyone who buys.

QNET Is On Big Philanthropic Mission That Is Making The World A Better Place

QNET is one of the biggest direct selling companies found in Asia. This company has a variety of products that are sold through the proprietary e-commerce platform. They mostly sell life enhancing products  to customers and distributors who are spread in over 100 countries worldwide.

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Posted by QNET (Official) on Friday, February 12, 2016

To be able to supply its products all over the world the company has decentralized its operations to 25 offices and agencies found in different countries. They also have over 50 stockists all over the world, mostly in countries that do not have their offices or agencies. The UAE QNET has offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and runs its logistical operations from in Mussafah.

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Of late, QNET has set out on a philanthropic mission to help out the less fortunate in the society. Recently QNET partnered with the Lions Club International give some donations towards various noble courses. The two organizations share the same mission embedded in their philosophies of “raise yourself to help humanity.” Through this partnership, they were able to donate Kidney Dialysis Unit to help patients suffering from kidney related ailments. The Kidney Dialysis Unit were donated to the Shirdi Sai Hospital, Devasandra, Bangalore India, which mainly caters for patients with kidney failures. This donation will go a long way in saving lives of many patients who would have suffered due to insufficient dialysis equipment in the hospital.

QNET started the WE CARE program under the CSR initiative of QNET in India, to help improve the lives of the less privileged members of the society. Under the WE CARE program, QNET has started initiatives to improve healthcare facilities and accessibility, education and also comes in during times of disasters to help those affected get back to their normal lives. So far the have been able to provide disaster aid of basic household relief kits to over 200 families at Meenambakkam, Chennai, who were affected by the floods that recently hit the area. This relief kits contained sheets, mats, cooking pots, and other basic household items that will be very helpful to the victims as it has given them something to start on. Most of the beneficiaries of the kit aids lost everything to the floods and were currently homeless.

QNET also united with other donors mainly streaming fro the Indian film and television industry to give a financial donation. This financial donation was also aimed at helping the Chennai flood victims. The money was donated during an award ceremony that was dedicated to helping the flood victims through film celebration. This event was attended by various high profile visitors.

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