George Soros Is the Man Who Does Not Shy Away From Politics And Philanthropy

George Soros is an individual who has a vibrant heart to bless others. Even at his advanced age, Soros is both an investor and philanthropist, and also happens to be the man behind the creation of Open Society Foundations, a society that helps countries around the world deviate from communism.

Having been developed in 1979, the Open Society Foundations is very vocal when it comes to challenges and opportunities that face various countries across the globe. The Open Society Foundations helps keep governments in check so that they do not overstep their power and start ruling their subjects with an iron fist.

Apart from being highly involved in politics, George’s Open Society Foundations has been able to help disabled children across the globe find adequate funds to secure them a good education. Such financial assistance has occurred because Soros is a great believer in the abilities of young talent, and thus knows that by funding young minds then he will be able to yield adults who can produce quality output in future. Learn more on about George.

Through the education support program, Soros also wants to eliminate inequality and any gender disparities that characterize this sector. Also, some programs have been set under the Open Society Foundations to have parents together with governments held accountable for the welfare of their children.

Moreover, Open Society Foundations has been on the forefront to ensure that people from vulnerable communities receive financial aid to help uplift their livelihoods. Drug use, especially among members of the youth, has been on the rise. With this increase in drug use, many potential souls have ended up dying. As a way of putting a stop to the premature loss of life, the Open Society Foundations under George’s leadership invest heavily in rehabilitation centers that prove that they are ready to help the young generation deal with the drug addiction menace.

Photography as a tool is being used to raise awareness among members of the public. Besides, George Soros believes in woman potential. For this reason, his foundation has worked hard to ensure that women rights never get undermined. A country cannot succeed when its citizens are ailing. To this end, the Open Society Foundation offers health programs meant entirely to help people. Also, the health programs hold governments accountable by making sure that they work on their manifestos with regards to public health. Read more at The New York Times about George.

For those children with productive minds but lack the financial means to advance their education, George’s Foundation offers scholarship programs to help such people. Finally, George’s impact has been felt all around the United States of America. Soros is a major supporter of the Democrats. Therefore, Soros is a person who has accomplished almost everything in life and thus uses his influence to help people who rarely have a say in what goes on around them.

Excellence Every Single Day: The Manse on Marsh

When it comes to working at an assisted living facility, it is not the type of job where someone can take a day off or just phone it in because they have had a bad day. It is a serious responsibility and it is one that people can not overlook the importance of in their job. As it is often said with life, if someone is going to do something, it is best to do it right or not do it at all. At the Manse on Marsh, which recently won the “Caring Star” award they make sure they do it right every single day and every single time. They don’t believe in taking a day off when it comes to helping out their residents.

They know that a lot of families and a lot of people have put their faith and trust in them. That is not something they should take lightly and it is not something they should do without their whole heart in it. The fact they have won this award shows that The Manse on Marsh is a place that truly understands what assisted living is all about and the proper way to do it. They realize a number of people are counting on them and the last thing they want to do is have anyone be disappointed.

However, when it comes to this award, it takes a few things into consideration: online reputation, three consumer reviews, one five star review, an overall average rating of greater than 4.0, and they also cannot have any unresolved negative reviews. Needless to say, a lot has to go right in order to win this award and a lot has gone right for The Manse on Marsh in order to win this award.

The great thing about this company is that now they have won this award, they want to win more awards and they want to keep making people happy and keep winning awards. Awards are not their sole motivation, but it is proof they are doing things the way they should be done on a daily basis, which is what this is really all about when it’s all said and done.