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The title of this article is the very definition of what the article is about. You may have never heard of Eric Pulier, but that’s ok. This guy is a man of many acts as he uses his supreme brilliance to better man-kind. There aren’t too many other individuals that are willing to do what he has done, but that’s what makes him so interesting in the end. Eric Pulier is simply outstanding when it comes to creating solutions from the smallest of ideas. His love for technology has thrust him to the forefront of the technology field and he uses this talent to make life a much better place for individuals.


Eric Pulier attended Harvard University with a major in English/American Literature. He held a very busy schedule compared to most of his peers and he attended classes at the prominent higher learning institution of MIT. The foundation has been set from this time in his life, but did you know that he also wrote a column for the Harvard Crimson? This is no easy feat as this publication has a standard for greatness and nothing less. Pulier would also serve time here as an editor as well. By 1988 he would graduate magna cum laude and three years later he would begin a fresh start in California. People Doing Things was one of Puliers first founded companies of his adult career followed by Starbright World. These two companies themselves served a great purpose by helping chronically ill children as well as solving intractable problems in the education and healthcare fields.


Being such business savvy has allowed this guy to be a founder of up to 15 companies. He even sold was of his latest companies for a whopping $350 Million. That’s the blueprint to success and Pulier demonstrates this perfectly. Whether it’s investing, business, technology, or entrepreneurship; this guy has done and seen it all.