Madison Street Capital Releases Much Anticipated M&A Industry Overview Report

Madison Street Capital, a leading investment banking firm, released its much awaited report of M&A transaction activity. According to the report, 42 M&A deals were closed in 2015, which is far better than 32 transactions, in the previous year. The AUM transaction volume was also 27 percent higher than 2014 indicating investor confidence in M&A activities. Interestingly, the report also cited a wave of transactions in the fourth quarter of 2015, which is a potential sign of more M&A deals in 2016. In fact, if the trend in the last few quarters continue, it is likely that 2016 will be a record year for the industry.

Despite large number of deals, the performance of hedge fund strategies are mediocre. As a result, institutional investors are looking towards alternate investment strategies to achieve higher returns. The impact of the decreased performance is felt across the board as small hedge fund managers are struggling to attract new capital. It also means that the capital flow is directed towards larger hedge funds. Overall, the entire hedge fund industry is incurring high operational costs and downward pressure on fees. Accordingly, the strict dynamics of hedge funds is forcing managers to consider a variety of strategic investment activities.

According to the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, Karl D’Cunha, hedge fund managers are trying to cope with the industry dynamics by using a variety of deal mechanisms to attract sellers and buyers. Unlike the previous years, traditional M&A methods are structured as deals and incubators. Likewise, revenue-share stakes, PE stakes and PE bolt-on are becoming a priority. Karl also indicated that the industry will also see a number of opportunistic partnerships to increase revenues. As such, these partnerships are formed to bridge distribution to product offerings.

About Madison Street Capital

The latest research is the 4th edition of the original M&A industry report by Madison Street Capital. The firm is one of the leading international investment banking firms offering strategic and financial advisory to hundreds of high-profile clients across the globe. A team of highly skilled hedge fund and asset managers are available to discuss a range of strategies regarding capital introduction, portfolio valuation, financial restructuring, and financial sponsor coverage.

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Investment Banking With Martin Lustgarten

What Is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is a form of a financial program that is aimed towards serving businesses in obtaining capital and expands their investment portfolios. It is effective mostly in higher financing by assisting organizations to gain access to the investment capital markets in order to raise capital for business expansion or other desires. Much of this happens in the kind of stock options and bond exchange, but investment funds and wholesale business products are also an aspect of the situation.

Investment banking isn’t a single particular program. It is a phrase for an assortment of pursuits which includes marketing, advertising, underwriting, and exchanging stocks and bond. Investment banking will also provide economic and financial expert advice options. The options that are offered would be solutions for managing assets, advice for mergers and making purchases.

Investment Banking Benefits

A good investment banking company will be able to provide suitable quality guidance and innovative financial remedies to the individual, businesses, government bodies, and the not for profit establishments. The company will be able to decide where and how to raise money. They will also prepare the essential paperwork.

Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten with origins in Venezuela and Austria is a popular business owner, who lives in Ponte Vedra, Florida, which is one of Florida’s most expensive and elite oceanfront communities. He is the Chief Executive Office and President of Lustgarten, Martin the most recognized investment bank which is headquartered in Florida. He has established a prosperous profession in the investment banking field. Lustgarten, Martin bank has been very successful with investors in closing big financial offers in order to acquire capital from alternative sources.

Since its beginning, it has been a thriving business for Martin Lustgarten leading to global business projects, many happy client financial transactions, and a workable system of business connections all over Panama, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Not only has Martin Lustgarten turned out to be a respected representative in the financial field, but also a diversely knowledgeable one.

Martin Lustgarten has utilized his investment banking financial business to assist individuals in certain areas who are having challenges getting access to global trade. He permitted them to participate in American trading by offering the United States dollars in an area that was difficult to come by. This style of global support can help enhance the global economic system for every person by marketing more free circulation of options and business prospects. Check out Martin’s Soundcloud account to see what music he’s into.