Avi Weisfogel Launches an Operation Smile GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel just launched an Operation Smile GoFundMe campaign for facial deformity treatment in children. Anyone who wants to donate to the cause of providing free surgery for cleft palate and cleft lips now can.

The GoFundMe campaign that Weisfogel set up currently has a fundraising goal of $2,000. The objective of raising this money is to provide the highest level of palate, lip and other facial deformity care. Another goal of this kind of fundraising effort is to help young people feel like they have some hope for their future.

Operation Smile is not a new organization, however. Bill and Kathy Magee first started this non-profit group in 1982. At the time, their main goal was to help Filipino children suffering cleft palate and lip problems. The need for help was recognized all over the globe. Therefore, teams of volunteers branched out to at least 80 countries since Operation Smile’s inception.

Now, Avi Weisfogel has made this organization that reaches out to children in need the beneficiary via GoFundMe. Weisfogel’s reasoning for this decision is because according to him “every child deserves exceptional surgical care.” The way children are treated at a facility also has become a concern. This is another issue addressed via the GoFundMe campaign.

Operation Smile works with local medical professionals, hospitals, governments and other organizations. These facilities have joined forces to identify solutions that will reach as many children as possible. This starts with local training to provide young people with the health care they need.