George Soros Returns in Style to Political Mainstream

The rise of George Soros as a political juggernaut has been something a long time in the making. Soros is someone who came from nothing and worked his way into becoming one of the wealthiest people on the planet, one of the most giving philanthropists in the world, and one of the foremost progressive activists that the United States has ever seen. Soros has largely been sitting outside of the spotlight of mainstream politics for the past few years but he decided to get right back into it during the 2016 Presidential Election. The reason, according to his political adviser Michael Vachon, was that the stakes were too high and the rhetoric was simply too strong and hostile to ignore.

We can see where George Soros is going by looking at where he came from. George Soros was born and raised in Hungary before he was forced to flee due to the Nazi occupation that nearly ruined the country. Soros would go on to immigrate into London where he would study at the London School of Economics, working two jobs just to make his way through University. While at school Soros would hone in on the philosophies that would define his philanthropic and political endeavors in life. Eventually Soros would sail to America, start up the Soros Hedge Fund, and become a philanthropic and progressive heavyweight along the way. Read this story at about George Soros.

Now, we are in 2016 and the presidential election campaigns are in full swing. Soros saw how disparate the rhetoric was getting between the right and left wing and he knew that he had to jump in and do something about it. George Soros was diametrically opposed to everything that Donald Trump, a trust fund kid focusing on anti-immigrant and anti-labor policies had stood for. So, Soros immediately jumped in and put serious money down in order to back liberal candidates all around the country. Soros would end up donating nearly $25 million along the way, giving up to $7 million to a Pro-Clinton PAC as well as a host of other political action committees that stood for what Soros believed in.

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Many people wonder why Soros stayed out of the political spotlight for so long but the answer was simple: he doesn’t believe in big money playing a huge influence in politics, despite being willing to raise money for his own beliefs. An anonymous liberal operative close to Soros said that the man returned to politics in order to “balance the scales” between right wing and left wing giving. Soros also has been known to be extremely close to and fond of Hillary Clinton, calling her a progressive that is open and receptive to other progressives like him whenever he needs to talk to her. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

Kochs Open New Family Office

1888 Management LLC has been opened by David and Charles Koch, a small firm that has recently separated from Koch Industries Inc. that has been managing a portion of their personal wealth and investments.

Charles and David’s $100 billion dollar fortune is directly tied to their grandfather Harry Koch, a Texan newspaper publisher who undoubtedly held his grandchildren’s penchant for libertarian politics. 1888 was named in honor of Harry.

Though the number of actual dollars managed by 1888 hasn’t been officially disclosed, those close with the family office estimate $2 billion is being used to be incorporated in Delaware, Florida, Kansas and California.

How the money will be spent might have something to do with the man running the office. Trent May, formerly from Wyoming Retirement System, based in one of the most socially and politically conservative states in the country, is running the family office. He’s best known for allocating millions of dollars to Moore Capital Management and Bridgewater Associates, meaning that May is a comfortable ideological and business fit for 1888.

However, 1888’s board has seven managers, three of which are executives of Koch Industries, which include people who have helped Charles fund his political causes in the past and during this presidential race.

Though 1888 has kept its hiring relatively small, uniting the family office into a tight circle, the inclusion of May definitely puts money on the agenda, particularly in organizing key investments. But with the inclusion of persons invested in political causes, many wonder if Charles ambitions are more than financial.

Forbes has listed Charles Koch as one of the World’s Most Powerful People, and is arguably the most politically invested billionaire in the United States. Charles has often been outspoken about his support for libertarian causes and politicians. A forum that he hosts annually has had noted conservative speakers like Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Charles has directed his political leanings through Koch Industries, run by himself and his brother David for nearly 50 years.