Class Dojo Launches Student Stories

Class Dojo is one of the biggest communication platforms for parents, teachers and students in the United States. The communication platform allows the parents, students and teachers to share beautiful classroom moments. The app also helps students to develop important skills, persistence and teamwork. Thanks to the app, students can enjoy going to school.

Not long ago, Class Dojo announced that it would launch a program known as Student Stories. The new program will enable the students to add images and videos of their choice to their portfolios. This will enable the students to share these important moments with family.

The new tool from Class Dojo will ensure that parents follow their children school activities. The students can take a photo of something written in class such as a poem then post it on their profiles. They can also take videos of a science experiments in the lab and post them for the families to see. The new invention will be a good way for parents to monitor the children and the progress they are making in school.

The new tool will also be quite simple for the students. They will now be able to add more materials in their stories without worrying about the login credentials or buying their new devices. The only item requires is the classroom’s QR code. After that, the student can add more materials of their choice and even tag the classmates involved. The teachers will, however, have to approve all the additional stories before being sent to the families. The teachers will be allowed to post any materials in the student stories.

Teachers, parents and the students are very excited about the new tool. It has helped to create a community and at the same time help the students to concentrate on their studies. According to Stephanie Smith, one of the teachers in Tennessee, teachers will love the idea of students telling their stories. It is the dream of all teachers to have a classroom that is student centered. In such an environment, the students are considered the main voice, and they control the learning process. The Student Stories launch will bring this dream to a reality in the coming year. The new tool will also be a great way to create discussions at home.

Student Stories was developed after speaking to teachers and parents. The parents thought that it was a good idea to see videos and photos of the class activities. They thought that it would be more interesting to see their children’s accomplishments and projects in school. The teacher, on the other hand, wanted to ensure that the students have ownership of their work in the class.
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