The architectural industry has been undergoing several changes over the years. Today, fantastic designs can be seen in different areas of the world. Earlier on people were not keen on the designs and the constructions were poorly done. The changes that have occurred in the industry have seen architects receive better pay and the society change the negative perception which they previously had in the industry. Some of these changes have been seen through by Robert Ivy. The CEO and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects has contributed greatly to the field of architecture and continues to do so even today.

Robert Ivy took charge over the American Institute of Architects in 2011 and has since been guiding the organisation through various strides. He went to the Sewanee University where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Later on, he attained master’s degree in the field of architecture from Tulane University. Before becoming CEO at the American Institute of Architects, he worked with several organisations including the Architectural Records, where he held the editor-in-chief position and at McGraw Hill Construction Media, where he served as the Editorial Director and Vice President.

Apart from contributing to the architectural industry through the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has written a book under the name Fay Jones: Architect. The book which was published in 2011 is famous for its great content on architecture. It has even been rated by The Library Society of North America as one of the best architectural pieces that exist today. Most successful architects have attributed their success to this great man and praised his efforts frequently.

Since its founding in 1857, the American Institute of Architects has been working with other groups as well as individuals to recreate a positive image of the architectural industry in the society. The organisation which is made of professional architects also educates the public on ways of involving the government in various construction projects and shows people how they can benefit from government funds. It also teaches people on important matters pertaining construction and in doing so, people perceive the industry in a positive manner. Its headquarters are located in Washington DC, USA. It is from here that the company which is now home to over ninety thousand professionals operates from. Read more at about AIA

Robert Ivy has done a good job in running the organisation and under his guidance, the company has succeeded in achieving its goals. Things run smoothly and more, and more people enrol every year in support of the company’s course. Because of his hard work, Robert has received several accolades which include the Management Excellence in McGraw Award and the Crain Award. He was also voted the Master Architect by The National Architecture Fraternity. It is likely that he will receive more wards in the future.

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