DIY Peel Off Lip Tattoo vs. store-bought version


Today it’s another, “DIY or buy,” in which I sacrifice my body to help you guys decide if this is worth doing yourself, or if you should just go out and buy the product.


Now the store-bought product I’m going to be comparing my DIY to is the 24-hour lift catcher. I purchased this product and featured it on my channel over a year ago. The color is a deep burgundy, so I’m going to try and match my DIY to this burgundy color. Wish me luck!


For the DIY, you only need a few ingredients. The first one is Elmer’s Glue. This is a popular product in DIYs. Some of you have commented that it’s bad to put on your skin, but I remember when I was a kid, I would rub this stuff all over my body, just as an excuse to peel it off. I turned out fine, moreover, it says that it’s non-toxic.


According to Wengie, The other thing you need is food-dye, from the supermarket, in the baking section. I bought a five-color pack, and I’m going to mix the blue with red because burgundy is a little purplish.


Squeeze the Elmer’s Glue into a jar. Next, put in ten drops of red dye, followed by one blue drop. Now, mix it together with the back of the brush. Using a dropper bottle for the food dye is much more convenient and less messy than just dumping in the dye. If you want to save it, put it in a sealed container and it should stay in liquid form.


Okay, once you’ve wiped your lips clean, use a brush to apply the mixture to your lips. Be careful, you don’t want it to get onto your skin. Next, I’ll try the store-bought version. The store-bought version is actually much runnier. Now just wait for it to dry. The store-bought one is actually a bit easier to apply because it’s smoother.


Okay, now it’s time to peel off! The DIY actually worked. It proved to be the same color as the store-bought version.