False Claims

The worst thing that one company can do to another is make false claims against them in order to tarnish reputations and promote economic ruin. Such is the case with GTL, an information technology company that has recently accused Securus technologies of operating with expired patents for their products. If this claim was true it would mean that these products would become open for use within the general market and that Securus Technologies would undoubtedly face collapse as a result. Thankfully for Securus these claims were proven to be inaccurate, with the combined efforts of their own experts on the matter as well as several third party individuals finding that they still held patent coverage for the targeted items.


Securus Technologies provides incredible levels of customer service support and high quality communications products to its customer base. These customers are often under served consumers in the United States as they are predominantly incarcerated individuals currently serving time for past mistakes within the prison system. A communication solution that Securus offers these unique customers is a downloadable application that provides seamless video chat abilities over WiFi networks. No longer do inmates need to worry about finding adequate time to speak to their loved ones through traditional methods, they can instead avoid driving times and security checks by simply logging in to the application and calling their family members when they are able to.


This service is just one reason why Securus is such an important company. They provide services to individuals that other companies refuse to serve due to social reasons. This is an unfair practice and Securus should be identified not only a technology and security company but as a humanitarian organization as well for these reasons.