Giving Back to the Community by Raising Money for Homeless Animals

A new fundraiser has been launched that will benefit stray animals in New York City. Ross Abelow has started a Go Fund Me page with the hopes of raising at least $5,000. Once all of the money is collected, it will be given to animal shelters in New York.

As a longtime resident of New York City, Ross Abelow has seen that when winter comes, homeless animals suffer. When they are left out on their own and cold-weather strikes, many animals die. Even if an individual finds a homeless animal and tries to take it to a shelter, sometimes they are turned away. Animal shelters in New York City are facing two big dilemmas.

In an effort to give back to the community, Ross is trying to get more and more people involved in the effort of raising $5,000 in order to benefit animal shelters. The money that is raised is going to help alleviate some of the problems that animal shelters are facing. Once the money is donated, it can be used to purchase food and blankets. Also, money will be available to purchase medicine and medical supplies for animals that come to the shelters sick. The problem of having limited space can also be addressed. Shelters can be expanded or other steps can be taken in order to have more space available for animals that need help. Ross has decided to spearhead this campaign, but hopes that lots of people in the community and throughout the nation will get involved. Small donations can be made by using the Go Fund Me page.

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