How Has Bernardo Chua Changed The Coffee And Tea Industry?

The coffee and tea industry around the world is one of the most versatile and competitive today, and the coffees and teas from OrganoGold are truly the best in the field. Bernardo Chua has used his position as CEO to help grow the company into a worldwide network of sellers who privately offer the coffees and teas from OrganoGold. This article explains how OrganoGold has been ahead of its time, and there is a look at how private sellers benefit from the OrganoGold business model.

#1: The Organic Growing Process

Organic growing in the Philippines has been a standard at OrganoGold for over 40 years. This is where the 5 time awarded Bernardo Chua made his start. The company has been supporting organic growers on islands across the Philippines, and the company uses only the best beans and leaves for every product. Customers can taste the difference when they try their first batch of coffees or teas, and the difference in flavor has made OrganoGold popular across Asia for decades.

#2: Private Selling

Everyone who wants to sell OrganoGold may start their own small business selling to friends, family and customers. Private sellers purchase the products from OrganoGold at a wholesale rate, and every product is sold at a profit. The profits are kept by the seller and OrganoGold continues to make the products for its sellers. Sellers have been recruited across Asia to start their own businesses, and these sellers may work from their homes to sell their favorite products.

#3: Energy Drinks And North American Expansion

The healthy version of Gano Excel energy drink has been introduced by Bernardo to make OrganoGold a presence on the energy drink market, and he has come over to America to sell products to brand new private sellers. There are many people in North America who prefer to eat and drink the healthiest things they can find, and OrganoGold has brought an organic energy drink to the market. Bernardo is a visionary who knows how strong the energy drink market in America is, and he will continue to grow the brand in North America. The benefits of the drink have been touted on Bernardo Chua’s personal Facebook many times.
The OrganoGold family of products has offered better flavor for every customer, and the private selling model allows many people to start their own business. OrganoGold has created financial independence for some, and the brand is offering better flavor to everyone who buys.

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