Keith Mann’ New Scholarship Award Program Readily Welcomed by Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann, founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, announced in 2016 that he was introducing a new scholarship program that targets Brooklyn, New York City. The scholarship will be awarded to a top achieving student, from Uncommon Schools, who has proven beyond any doubt that they deserve a college education. In addition, they must prove that they worked hard enough through attaining top academic honors in high school.

The award will be named the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. It will be offered as a form of partnership with an organization called Uncommon Schools. The organization runs 44 schools that are located not only in New York but also Massachusetts and New Jersey. Uncommon Schools serves around 14,000 students mostly from low income backgrounds and families. It aims to provide them with an opportunity to get a good college education.

The scholarship is only open to students who attend schools chartered to Uncommon Schools and that are based in Brooklyn. The scholarship will be only awarded to one student every year that graduates from Uncommon Schools. Keith Mann said that he was keen to support the nonprofit organization in its mandate to prepare its students to attend college and become professional leaders.

All prospective candidates will be required to submit a well written essay of 1000 words. In the essay, they should explain how thy plan to achieve their professional goals using a college degree. The final application date is February 29, 2016. One winner will be announced and notified before the end of the next month of March. They will be awarded $50,000 that will all go towards covering their college tuition.

The school has gladly accepted the new scholarship offer. A counselor employed by Uncommon Charter High School, Joe Frick, has expressed gratitude at the generous offer made by Keith Mann. He said at least one student was assured of attending college.

Keith Mann is a businessman who started Dynamics Search Partners. The firm offers executive and human personnel to top companies in different sectors of the economy including hedge funds. Keith is quite passionate about philanthropy and giving back to society as evidenced by the scholarship award made to Uncommon Schools.

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