Lime Crime’s CEO, Doe Deere, Is an Inspiration First and an Entrepreneur Second

Though the world has more females than males, women constantly have something to prove in the workplace, due to the fact that most industries tend to be male dominated. Well, ladies can do it all, and some industries allow them to channel their inner entrepreneur, like the field of makeup. Doe Deere of the stellar makeup brand, Lime Crime, gave Galore Magazine some important answers to their questions pertaining to being a female entrepreneur.

“Oh, goodness… In spite of what everyone thinks, I was actually pretty bad at makeup until I was well into my 20s,” stated Deere when asked about her makeup skills. Though she demonstrated artistic ability growing up, Deere was never one for routine makeup nor did she show an interest in starting a company. Her makeup techniques were left to sleepovers with friends, and only when she became inspired by teaching others to be themselves did she begin crafting her own vibrant makeup.

This need to teach her fans, the Unicorns, that being themselves is more than okay has allowed Deere to run a successful company for years. The company continues to grow in popularity and has a huge presence within the online community. Deere also loves the fact that her company regularly trends on the web because it is the current as well as the future, and she tends to boast of her social media marketing skills.

To finalize, this interview only further validated why Deere has been able to remain successful not only as a woman, but as a person striving to teach her customers more than just how to match hot pink lipsticks with green shadows– she teaches them to express themselves creatively, safely, and in a way that allows them to be who they want to be. Doe Deere is not only a female entrepreneur that is doing a spectacular job, but she is an influential figure in an industry where it is easy to lose yourself, and that is truly a timeless effort.  Read more about Lime Crime on their official website.  Otherwise, you can browse the entire selection of Lime Crime on, as well as Doll’s Kill.