Not Just Another Bottled Water

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth. People from all over the world go there to experience the beauty of this lush and peaceful place. Folks move the Hawaii to pursue a healthier and more relaxed way of life. You could only assume that Waiakea springs are as delicious and pure as the land itself.

In 2012 Ryan Emmons started Waiakea Water. It is the first in its class because of what it has to offer. It is healthy, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible. Not only that, but it is filtered through a volcanic rock. How cool is that? Mauna Loa volcano is the largest volcano on the planet. It reaches over 4 acres with an elevation of a staggering 13,678 feet. It is surrounded by 10 million acres of ocean.

Waiakea water is rain and snowfall that passes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. It filters out the bad stuff and leaves you with a refreshingly clean water that is rich with minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

It is also alkaline and electrolyte rich that can help aid acid reflux and fights osteoporosis. This volcanic water is good for hair, skin, and nails.

What is the socially conscious aspect of this amazing water? For every bottle purchased, 650ML of clean drinking water is donated to disadvantaged communities. As of yet, they have provided 500 million liters of water to such communities. A resource that most Americans take for granted.

You may be thinking only celebrities drink this stuff and it must cost a pretty penny. According to Forbes, anyone can purchase Waiakea Water and is actually cheaper than other premium bottle waters out on the market. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

It cost only $1.79 for a half-liter and $2.79 for a full liter. It is made of entirely 100% recycled water bottles and takes 85% less energy to produce. On top of that, the water source does not get depleted. It takes only 30 days to replenish.

So next time you are in the market and need a drink, you may consider purchasing Waiakea Water. It’s helping someone else get the clean water they need too.