Oisin Hanrahan Continues to Build His Handy Cleaning Services Brand

In the home cleaning industry there are many people that have become fans of Handy Cleaning Services. They have confidence in this organization because this is the type of company that shines brightly as one of the cleaning service empires. There have been other competitors, but the stellar service of the contractors keeps Handy Cleaning Services at the top of the list.

The founder, Oisin Hanrahan, has been good at making the decisions that would help this company evolve. He has expanded in areas that many other executives may not have considered, and there are more services on the way. Plumbing and painting are offered, but Handy is also getting into the business of electrical work with contracted workers.

The brand is getting a great expansion because more contractors in places like Toronto and London that are signing up for this type of contracted work. There are more people in Chicago and Boston that are coming out to work for Handy. The strength of the business will rely on the competence of the contracts. That is what Hanrahan realizes, and that is why he pays attention to the employees.

The contractors that are representing Handy are uniquely skilled in different areas. These are people that are making the most of their time by doing full time or part time jobs. They are out there to help people get their homes clean, but these contractors are also there to provide for their own families. This is a two-fold concept where they work hard because they know that it gives them job security. The schedules are flexible, and workers are not locked in as employees because they are contracted workers. This is a unique blueprint for business, but this has allowed the business to grow by bringing work opportunities to various countries.

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