The Effects of Trump’s Presidency in the Marketing Platform

Tim Armour puts to task his fellow business magnate Mr. Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet has wagered a staggering $1 million that he hopes to use by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. By doing so, Warren hopes to get better investment returns as compared to a group of hedge fund managers. However, Tim Armour tends to disagree with this marketing strategy.

According to Tim, Warren Buffet is wrong on his investment strategy because the risks associated with passive index investments are unknown and unpredictable. Tim Armour also believes that though passive index returns are a haven when it comes to retirement, they are not safe when markets crumble down due to inflation. Apart from this, Tim notes that a good number of managed funds tends to do worse than the market share. Tim Armour believes that it will be hard to know which types of funds will be performing better, therefore, making Buffet’s ideology less than appealing.

The dynamic nature of dealing with issues as exhibited by President Trump has sent shockwaves in the market platform. According to Tim Armour, President Trump ideology is likely to promote faster economic growth, higher inflation, and an increase in the level or interest rates.

After the shocking election of Trump as the president of the United States, many market shares plummeted, and the level of asset prices changed dramatically. Tim Armour sees these dramatic changes as being real and advises each investor to believe in the changes and brace themselves for what is to come.

Tim Armour is the current chairman and CEO of Capital Group, a company that deals with asset financing and investment management. Tim became the chief executive officer of the organization in the year 2015 after the untimely death of the then CEO, Mr. James Rothenburg. Tim holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College based in Vermont. To know more click here.


Sound Investment Advice From Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has made several people wealthier by helping them to invest in the proper stocks. He is the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is the founder of Profits Unlimited. Mampilly helps many people with investing, technology, small-cap stocks and special opportunities.

In 1991, Paul started as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He quickly grew within the company and became a manager of multimillion-dollar accounts at Deutsche Bank and ING. In 2006, he became the hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset Management.

After tiring of investing for the rich, Mampilly “retired” to spend more time with his family. He still is an investor, but he focuses on helping everyday people make money on their investments. This is when he founded his newsletters Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. In 2017, he is releasing a research service called True Momentum.

Paul Mampilly found that Wall Street did not help enough people even though he knew many people needed help with investing. His newsletter publishing is a way for him to reach several people of different types of backgrounds. This is possible, because his research is affordable to most Americans that was not available on Wall Street.

Any recommendation Mampilly writes about consists of thirty to forty hours of research that is done between himself and his team. Then he spends twenty to thirty hours on writing the recommendation. He would not suggest going into a stock blindly. He finds out how the stock could work for people with many charts and data for readers to see. Everything is written in a way that those without the financial knowledge would be able to follow the information easily.

Mampilly associates his level of dedication and continuous every day routine to his successful production. He is able to follow all of the trends and do all of the research necessary to add to his publications through his routine. Mampilly is a very successful man who many look up to for their financial investing wellbeing.

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George Soros Returns in Style to Political Mainstream

The rise of George Soros as a political juggernaut has been something a long time in the making. Soros is someone who came from nothing and worked his way into becoming one of the wealthiest people on the planet, one of the most giving philanthropists in the world, and one of the foremost progressive activists that the United States has ever seen. Soros has largely been sitting outside of the spotlight of mainstream politics for the past few years but he decided to get right back into it during the 2016 Presidential Election. The reason, according to his political adviser Michael Vachon, was that the stakes were too high and the rhetoric was simply too strong and hostile to ignore.

We can see where George Soros is going by looking at where he came from. George Soros was born and raised in Hungary before he was forced to flee due to the Nazi occupation that nearly ruined the country. Soros would go on to immigrate into London where he would study at the London School of Economics, working two jobs just to make his way through University. While at school Soros would hone in on the philosophies that would define his philanthropic and political endeavors in life. Eventually Soros would sail to America, start up the Soros Hedge Fund, and become a philanthropic and progressive heavyweight along the way. Read this story at about George Soros.

Now, we are in 2016 and the presidential election campaigns are in full swing. Soros saw how disparate the rhetoric was getting between the right and left wing and he knew that he had to jump in and do something about it. George Soros was diametrically opposed to everything that Donald Trump, a trust fund kid focusing on anti-immigrant and anti-labor policies had stood for. So, Soros immediately jumped in and put serious money down in order to back liberal candidates all around the country. Soros would end up donating nearly $25 million along the way, giving up to $7 million to a Pro-Clinton PAC as well as a host of other political action committees that stood for what Soros believed in.

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Many people wonder why Soros stayed out of the political spotlight for so long but the answer was simple: he doesn’t believe in big money playing a huge influence in politics, despite being willing to raise money for his own beliefs. An anonymous liberal operative close to Soros said that the man returned to politics in order to “balance the scales” between right wing and left wing giving. Soros also has been known to be extremely close to and fond of Hillary Clinton, calling her a progressive that is open and receptive to other progressives like him whenever he needs to talk to her. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

Whitney Wolfe Finally Brings a Dating App that Goes Beyond Just Dating

For the first time in history, there will be a pop-up space for people who meet in dating sites in New York City all thanks to Bumble. Bumble popular dating app and has been operational since 2014. The pop-up location is expected to be a month-long installment intended to hold dates who are Bumble fans or anybody else who needs to hang out and be part of the Bumble brand. The space is decorated in a unique flavor specifically designed for Bumble. A physical location is the first step in an attempt for the dating startups to formalize the Bumble brand.

Most dating sites considered as taboos and the CEO and founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe says that Bumble will not be just a dating site but better services are attached to it. She added that a lot of people are willing to associate with the brand even if not necessarily for dating. This first step is just among the plans of Bumble’s vision because it is expected to expand on BumbleBizz in future to help the users to network both socially and professionally. This will help to retain users of the app who are not interested in dating.

The main agenda of the Bumble pop-up location is to have couples or friends to meet up or just stop by and check the space out. Whitney Wolfe expect to have events that focus on relationship and female entrepreneurship among others. A coffee bar will also be available at Bumble together with merchandise for sales of which the proceeds will be channeled towards charitable works.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is an American entrepreneur and the founder of Bumble where she serves as the CEO. She is also a co-founder of Tinder, and in the year 2016, Tinder and Bumble grabbed the first and fourth position respectively in a listing of the most popular dating apps.

In the year 2014 Wolfe was recognized by Business Insiders among the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech. She was also named among Elle’s women in tech and the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the year 2016 and 2017 respectively. Bumble launched BumbleBFF for friends finding and expects to launch for BumbleBIZZ in future for professional meeting.

Mike Heiligenstein Offers His Opinion on Improving Transportation on Austin

Mike Heiligenstein gave an interview to the San Antonio Business Journal and answered a few questions about the transportation issues in the region in 2014. He started by providing an explanation of why the State Highway 130 had lower traffic numbers while the Interstate was congested. He said that the first thing that should be done is to move trucks and other cars to the highway. The county would also have to figure out a way to change the travel behavior of people so that they could use the SH 130 more.


Mike was asked to give his opinion on the financial performance of toll roads because of the gas prices and the weakening economy. Heiligenstein said that toll roads were not the perfect solution, but they would be effective when combined with other methods. He stated that they had been able to fund the extension of the 183A from the revenue that they had received and did not have to depend on tax dollars. Heiligenstein also mentioned how they had gained confidence with the investor community in recent times. The bond rates were going up. Many investors had subscribed to their last offering than expected. He added that this was a sign that they were doing great work that would pay off in the long term.


Mike was also asked to offer thoughts on how congestion could be reduced in Eagle Ford Shale. Heiligenstein proposed that they should use toll tags to charge the trucks that used the roads that were maintained by the county. Mike explained that those roads were not made to withstand the weight of the trucks. This was from his experience as a public official. He finished by stating that a financing tool funded by the tax would be of some benefit. This is because many of the counties needed financial assistance to develop and maintain some of the roads.


Mike Heiligenstein is the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He took up the position in 2003 after serving as a public official for 23 years. He joined CTRMA when it was founded. He has been instrumental in its success. CTRMA has developed major roads in the region including the 183A, the MoPac Express Lanes, and the 290 Toll Expressways under his leadership. He is the president of the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association (IBTTA). Heiligenstein is involved with several transportation committees in Austin including the Texas A & M Transportation Institute.


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Eva Moskowitz – the Education Reformist of New York City

Eva Moskowitz is the proud founder of Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City. She also doubles up as the CEO. Eva founded the group of schools in 2006 when she opened the first Academy in Harlem. Through her leadership, the Success Academy Charter Schools have become the largest and the best performing school network in New York.


Eva’s mission is to change the belief  that children from low-income families cannot attain higher education. She prides herself on being an education reformist who has offered an alternative school to poor children from the New York City.


Eva has led the school teachers and management in being creative and intervening children needs early enough so that the children will succeed. She has been working towards replacing the traditional models with models derived from the charters.


In her efforts to make things different at the Success Academy schools, Eva’s first move was to add on the curriculum so that they had different approaches to teaching right from kindergarten to grade 8. In English, The schools developed Think Literacy where students read as they write so as to improve their reading and writing skills. In math, the curriculum was developed to help in building a background of knowledge and capacity of students. Eva has ensured that science is taught daily in every grade. The teachers, parents, and students interact to better understand the students’ needs and how to meet them.


Eva owns a Ph.D. in American History from the John Hopkins University. She is also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she obtained a B.A (Honors) in History. Her current efforts have been in privatizing public education in New York City. She does this through the Charter school movement.


Before starting the Success Academy schools, Eva worked as a professional in different institutions. She was an Education Committee Chair at the New York City Council, and she was the director of public affairs and civics teacher at prep for prep. Working as the Chair of the Faculty Seminar in American Studies at Columbia University in New York is also part of Eva’s work history. At the City University of New York, Eva used to be the Assistant Professor of History. She is also an author and runs the Political Action Committee for great public schools.


Julie Zuckerberg Brings Recruitment Expertise to Banking World

Julie Zuckerberg is an expert at recruitment. She knows what she is doing when she recruits people and she does everything that she can to make sure that she is helping the companies that she works with hire the best people for their jobs. She is good at finding the right fit for the career position and she knows the right contacts to make the job work for the people who she wants to hire. It is something that she has worked on for many years and something that she has been doing so that she can become a recruitment executive with the biggest companies in the country.


After graduating from college, Julie Zuckerberg knew just what she wanted to do to show people that she was going to be great at recruiting others. She began working for Hudson and that was something that allowed her the chance to learn about how be an executive in the banking industry. She knew that there was a lot that she would be able to do with the opportunities that she had so that she would be able to get more out of the recruitment world. It was something that made a big difference in her career.


When she was working at Hudson, she wanted to try new things. After working there, she moved on to an opportunity at Citi. She even did a short stint with New York Life Insurance. Zuckerberg realized that she was much better at recruiting people for banking positions as opposed to insurance positions and made the switch to a different company. She wanted to work with a bank that would allow her the chance to come up with new strategies and ideas. She also wanted to work somewhere that would give her the chance to try new things to be able to get the best recruits.


That opportunity came in the form of the Deutsche Bank. This bank was a great place for people to be able to try new things and Julie Zuckerberg wanted to see where it would take her. Since she has been with the bank, she has had so many opportunities to become more successful. It has given her a chance to truly find out the right techniques and strategies for hiring. She knows that the bank will allow her to take her career even further than where it currently is with recruitment.


Sawyer Howitt Starts Promising Entrepreneurial Finance Career Before Finishing High School

Sawyer Howitt has been working as a Project Manager at the Meriwether Group in Portland, Oregon since January 2017, which happens to be in the midst of his senior year at Lincoln High School. Sawyer’s father, David Howitt, is the founder of the Meriwether Group and has more than 20 years working as a business strategist. Sawyer Howitt’s mother, Heather, is the founder of the Oregon Chai company, which she started in her kitchen. Holly and David sold the Oregon Chai company for $75 million in 2004.

In addition to Oregon Chai, the Meriwether Group has provided its financial, operational, and strategic guidance services for Adidas, Barre3, Bloch, ChefWorks, Dave’s Killer Bread, Laughing Planet, Living Harvest, Nautilus, Pendleton, Salomon, Stumptown, Xterra, and Voodoo Doughnut.

Sawyer showed interest in finance and analytics at an early age. He honed his customer service skills working at Portland’s Kure Juice Bars chain. His willingness to take on any task, no matter how large or small, makes him indispensable to the Meriwether Group. Sawyer Howitt also has a keen interest in philanthropic causes, throwing his support behind women’s rights and educational funding charities.

When he graduates from high school in 2017, Sawyer Howitt will pursue a Entrepreneurial Finance degree at Columbia University, trading the West Coast for the East. His interests outside of the business world include fly fishing, the Portland Trail Blazers, music, fashion, and health and wellness.

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NuoDB’s ‘Vision To Reality’ Proven By The Gartner Magic Quadrant And Usage By The UAE Exchange

Founded in 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB is a cloud database company rapidly integrating its software with cutting edge technological advances.

NuoDB takes data and translates it into a software language that creates small bits known as ‘Atoms.’ This is combined with an ‘Elasticity’ for cloud based data storage. This ‘Elasticity’ enables the infrastructure and the resources it is using to expand and contract based upon what resources are being utilized which results in a reduction of cost yet enabling the system to operate free of any disruption or decay in the services being provided.

NuoDB SQL cloud database has been acknowledged by the ‘Gartner Magic Quadrant.’ This is an outstanding achievement as the ‘Gartner’ firm publishes reports that rate businesses based on their on the ability to have a ‘Vision’ and then to be successful in making that ‘Vision’ a ‘Reality.’

In other words; the ‘Vision’ can be easy but the execution and implementation of a solution that solves a problem completely and effectively or creates an advancement that soon will become typical and quickly used by other businesses with value in the market place is far more difficult. NuoDB has a proven track record of successfully creating and integrating new technology to benefit their clientele.

Talk Fusion will keep on Working

Talk Fusion is the kind of model that is going to last forever, and it is going to last forever because it is built to last. Bob Reina has hired an IT team that can handle and adapt to all of the changes in that tech landscape. They will never be caught off guard or surprised by anything that is thrown their way. They are ready, willing, and able to roll with the punches as they come. That is something that has been noticed by those in the industry and those that are familiar with companies like Talk Fusion which offer video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences.

They see they are working around the clock to make the product the best it can be and have features that make things easier for the customer. The customers just want to get the work done and focus on that. That is their main priority, and they are committed to it, which is why they receive awards like the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. What is most remarkable about that is the fact that Bob Reina was quick to thank everyone else, especially his IT team.

He has never been one for the spotlight. He likes to get his work done behind the scenes and he likes to focus on doing good for people. He likes to learn, research, and keep his finger on trends. This way, Talk Fusion will never be outdated and it will never reach a point where people do not need it anymore. By advancing itself and making tremendous changes like they have, they are setting themselves up well for the present and the future. Bob Reina knows this is no time to relax, take it easy, and bask in the awards.

If anything, the two awards from the same company in 2016 is fuel to him to keep proving people right and keep letting their faith in Talk Fusion be worthy. He does not like he has to prove people wrong. He likes to prove them right in regards to their praise of Talk Fusion.