Julie Zuckerberg Brings Recruitment Expertise to Banking World

Julie Zuckerberg is an expert at recruitment. She knows what she is doing when she recruits people and she does everything that she can to make sure that she is helping the companies that she works with hire the best people for their jobs. She is good at finding the right fit for the career position and she knows the right contacts to make the job work for the people who she wants to hire. It is something that she has worked on for many years and something that she has been doing so that she can become a recruitment executive with the biggest companies in the country.


After graduating from college, Julie Zuckerberg knew just what she wanted to do to show people that she was going to be great at recruiting others. She began working for Hudson and that was something that allowed her the chance to learn about how be an executive in the banking industry. She knew that there was a lot that she would be able to do with the opportunities that she had so that she would be able to get more out of the recruitment world. It was something that made a big difference in her career.


When she was working at Hudson, she wanted to try new things. After working there, she moved on to an opportunity at Citi. She even did a short stint with New York Life Insurance. Zuckerberg realized that she was much better at recruiting people for banking positions as opposed to insurance positions and made the switch to a different company. She wanted to work with a bank that would allow her the chance to come up with new strategies and ideas. She also wanted to work somewhere that would give her the chance to try new things to be able to get the best recruits.


That opportunity came in the form of the Deutsche Bank. This bank was a great place for people to be able to try new things and Julie Zuckerberg wanted to see where it would take her. Since she has been with the bank, she has had so many opportunities to become more successful. It has given her a chance to truly find out the right techniques and strategies for hiring. She knows that the bank will allow her to take her career even further than where it currently is with recruitment.


Sawyer Howitt Starts Promising Entrepreneurial Finance Career Before Finishing High School

Sawyer Howitt has been working as a Project Manager at the Meriwether Group in Portland, Oregon since January 2017, which happens to be in the midst of his senior year at Lincoln High School. Sawyer’s father, David Howitt, is the founder of the Meriwether Group and has more than 20 years working as a business strategist. Sawyer Howitt’s mother, Heather, is the founder of the Oregon Chai company, which she started in her kitchen. Holly and David sold the Oregon Chai company for $75 million in 2004.

In addition to Oregon Chai, the Meriwether Group has provided its financial, operational, and strategic guidance services for Adidas, Barre3, Bloch, ChefWorks, Dave’s Killer Bread, Laughing Planet, Living Harvest, Nautilus, Pendleton, Salomon, Stumptown, Xterra, and Voodoo Doughnut.

Sawyer showed interest in finance and analytics at an early age. He honed his customer service skills working at Portland’s Kure Juice Bars chain. His willingness to take on any task, no matter how large or small, makes him indispensable to the Meriwether Group. Sawyer Howitt also has a keen interest in philanthropic causes, throwing his support behind women’s rights and educational funding charities.

When he graduates from high school in 2017, Sawyer Howitt will pursue a Entrepreneurial Finance degree at Columbia University, trading the West Coast for the East. His interests outside of the business world include fly fishing, the Portland Trail Blazers, music, fashion, and health and wellness.

View Sawyer Howitt’s racquetball statistics here.


NuoDB’s ‘Vision To Reality’ Proven By The Gartner Magic Quadrant And Usage By The UAE Exchange

Founded in 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB is a cloud database company rapidly integrating its software with cutting edge technological advances.

NuoDB takes data and translates it into a software language that creates small bits known as ‘Atoms.’ This is combined with an ‘Elasticity’ for cloud based data storage. This ‘Elasticity’ enables the infrastructure and the resources it is using to expand and contract based upon what resources are being utilized which results in a reduction of cost yet enabling the system to operate free of any disruption or decay in the services being provided.

NuoDB SQL cloud database has been acknowledged by the ‘Gartner Magic Quadrant.’ This is an outstanding achievement as the ‘Gartner’ firm publishes reports that rate businesses based on their on the ability to have a ‘Vision’ and then to be successful in making that ‘Vision’ a ‘Reality.’

In other words; the ‘Vision’ can be easy but the execution and implementation of a solution that solves a problem completely and effectively or creates an advancement that soon will become typical and quickly used by other businesses with value in the market place is far more difficult. NuoDB has a proven track record of successfully creating and integrating new technology to benefit their clientele.

Talk Fusion will keep on Working

Talk Fusion is the kind of model that is going to last forever, and it is going to last forever because it is built to last. Bob Reina has hired an IT team that can handle and adapt to all of the changes in that tech landscape. They will never be caught off guard or surprised by anything that is thrown their way. They are ready, willing, and able to roll with the punches as they come. That is something that has been noticed by those in the industry and those that are familiar with companies like Talk Fusion which offer video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences.

They see they are working around the clock to make the product the best it can be and have features that make things easier for the customer. The customers just want to get the work done and focus on that. That is their main priority, and they are committed to it, which is why they receive awards like the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. What is most remarkable about that is the fact that Bob Reina was quick to thank everyone else, especially his IT team.

He has never been one for the spotlight. He likes to get his work done behind the scenes and he likes to focus on doing good for people. He likes to learn, research, and keep his finger on trends. This way, Talk Fusion will never be outdated and it will never reach a point where people do not need it anymore. By advancing itself and making tremendous changes like they have, they are setting themselves up well for the present and the future. Bob Reina knows this is no time to relax, take it easy, and bask in the awards.

If anything, the two awards from the same company in 2016 is fuel to him to keep proving people right and keep letting their faith in Talk Fusion be worthy. He does not like he has to prove people wrong. He likes to prove them right in regards to their praise of Talk Fusion.


Waiakea Water Promotes a State of Good Health and Well-Being

Since the Waiakea brand of bottled water comes from all natural sources it is no surprise to see that the people behind this brand chose to partner with an organization that also promotes health and well-being when they created their promotional contest.

Accordingto Organic Authroity, the contest was posted on social media sites where followers of the Waiakea water brand of water could enter to win a free round trip to beautiful Oahu. The round trip airfare allotted the winner a total travel expense of $1,000 provided as a complimentary service through Skyscanner. The name of the contest was Follow Your Flow, which was chosen because of the energy flow attributed to a balanced state of being.

The winner of the contest had the opportunity of participating in one of the best health-oriented festivals held on the island of Oahu. The Wanderlust Yoga Festival took place over a three day period during which time the contest winner was able to participate in outdoor adventure hikes or meditation sessions.

The festival also provided live music, professional yoga instructors and an array of foods grown locally. The food provided at the festival also came from sustainable sources in a similar manner as the brand of water that sponsored the contest.

Promoting Good Health

The big island of Hawaii is home to many protected forest areas including those surrounding the island’s Mauna Lao volcano. Waiakea water is classified as a renewable resource, because it comes from the continuous rain that falls on the Mauna Loa volcano. This also classifies the water as being volcanic as well as natural.

The rain that falls on this volcano makes its way into the surrounding ground where it is filtered by volcanic rock formations that give the water its natural alkaline state. As a water with a pH level of 8.8, Waiakea water promotes good health, because is better at hydrating the body.

As the water makes it journey through the underground rock formations to the Waiakea springs where it is captured and bottled, it also picks up beneficial minerals that give it a light, refreshing taste.

Since the water comes from a protected environment it remains in its pure state even when bottled. The company behind this brand also works to help preserve the Eco-systems of the planet by placing the water in RPET plastic bottles, which are also BPA free. Since the bottles use less energy to manufacture they also reduce the carbon footprint left behind on the planet.

Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.newyou.com/health/fresh-volcano-water/

Rick Smith Helping Families and Friends Connect to the Incarcerated

Securus is a prison technology company based in Texas. This company was founded in 1986 and currently they have multiple regional offices. Securus is a result of two different companies, Evercom and T-Netix, merging back in 2004. These two companies were leaders of the corrections market industry.

Securus helps to connect friends and families to their friends and families that are currently incarcerated. This is done through different superior communication services. Securus is currently the largest inmate communications provider. Their goal is to help the relationships between inmates and their friends and family be maintained through different options such as inmate calling options and even video visitation. This can be done from anywhere by anyone using an Apple or an Android smartphone, PC or even a tablet. Securus also is able to serve more than 3,400 different corrections agencies, law enforcement and public safety members as well as more than 1.2 million different inmates all across Northern America.

In 2008 the Chairman and current CEO of Securus, Richard Falcone, announced that Rick Smith would become the new CEO of the company. Rick Smith has an amazing background, a great set of skills learned along his life, a lot of experience and a very impressive track record. These life lessons, skills and experiences give him the ability to lead Securus. Mr. Smith also has experience in telecom and he has maintained several different positions in a large variety of different roles. His previous experience took place at Frontier Corporation and his different positions included roles in information technology, finance, operations and even business development as well as many others that helped prepare him for his current role. Read more on Crunchbase.com

For the years leading up to the position of CEO of Securus, Rick Smith was the CEO of another telecom company known as Eschelon Telecom. It was during this role with this company that Mr. Smith grew the revenue by massive amounts. He was able to grow revenue from $30 million to around $350 million. Mr. Smith did other amazing things, as well, such as growing EBITDA to around $80 million, which was a CAGR of 48%. This success that Rick Smith had is what led this company to a successful IPO during 2005.

As well as having all of the necessary experience to run Securus, Rick Smith also has all of the necessary education. He not only has received his undergraduate degree, but he then went on to pursue graduate school and received a graduate degree as well. Mr. Smith has his Bachelors of Science in the field of Electrical Engineering. He also holds not only his Master’s degree in the field of Mathematics, but he also has a Master’s of Business Administration.

Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

George Soros Is the Man Who Does Not Shy Away From Politics And Philanthropy

George Soros is an individual who has a vibrant heart to bless others. Even at his advanced age, Soros is both an investor and philanthropist, and also happens to be the man behind the creation of Open Society Foundations, a society that helps countries around the world deviate from communism.

Having been developed in 1979, the Open Society Foundations is very vocal when it comes to challenges and opportunities that face various countries across the globe. The Open Society Foundations helps keep governments in check so that they do not overstep their power and start ruling their subjects with an iron fist.

Apart from being highly involved in politics, George’s Open Society Foundations has been able to help disabled children across the globe find adequate funds to secure them a good education. Such financial assistance has occurred because Soros is a great believer in the abilities of young talent, and thus knows that by funding young minds then he will be able to yield adults who can produce quality output in future. Learn more on snopes.com about George.

Through the education support program, Soros also wants to eliminate inequality and any gender disparities that characterize this sector. Also, some programs have been set under the Open Society Foundations to have parents together with governments held accountable for the welfare of their children.

Moreover, Open Society Foundations has been on the forefront to ensure that people from vulnerable communities receive financial aid to help uplift their livelihoods. Drug use, especially among members of the youth, has been on the rise. With this increase in drug use, many potential souls have ended up dying. As a way of putting a stop to the premature loss of life, the Open Society Foundations under George’s leadership invest heavily in rehabilitation centers that prove that they are ready to help the young generation deal with the drug addiction menace.

Photography as a tool is being used to raise awareness among members of the public. Besides, George Soros believes in woman potential. For this reason, his foundation has worked hard to ensure that women rights never get undermined. A country cannot succeed when its citizens are ailing. To this end, the Open Society Foundation offers health programs meant entirely to help people. Also, the health programs hold governments accountable by making sure that they work on their manifestos with regards to public health. Read more at The New York Times about George.

For those children with productive minds but lack the financial means to advance their education, George’s Foundation offers scholarship programs to help such people. Finally, George’s impact has been felt all around the United States of America. Soros is a major supporter of the Democrats. Therefore, Soros is a person who has accomplished almost everything in life and thus uses his influence to help people who rarely have a say in what goes on around them.

Not Just Another Bottled Water

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth. People from all over the world go there to experience the beauty of this lush and peaceful place. Folks move the Hawaii to pursue a healthier and more relaxed way of life. You could only assume that Waiakea springs are as delicious and pure as the land itself.

In 2012 Ryan Emmons started Waiakea Water. It is the first in its class because of what it has to offer. It is healthy, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible. Not only that, but it is filtered through a volcanic rock. How cool is that? Mauna Loa volcano is the largest volcano on the planet. It reaches over 4 acres with an elevation of a staggering 13,678 feet. It is surrounded by 10 million acres of ocean.

Waiakea water is rain and snowfall that passes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. It filters out the bad stuff and leaves you with a refreshingly clean water that is rich with minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

It is also alkaline and electrolyte rich that can help aid acid reflux and fights osteoporosis. This volcanic water is good for hair, skin, and nails.

What is the socially conscious aspect of this amazing water? For every bottle purchased, 650ML of clean drinking water is donated to disadvantaged communities. As of yet, they have provided 500 million liters of water to such communities. A resource that most Americans take for granted.

You may be thinking only celebrities drink this stuff and it must cost a pretty penny. According to Forbes, anyone can purchase Waiakea Water and is actually cheaper than other premium bottle waters out on the market. Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.aquagrade.com/bottle/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water/

It cost only $1.79 for a half-liter and $2.79 for a full liter. It is made of entirely 100% recycled water bottles and takes 85% less energy to produce. On top of that, the water source does not get depleted. It takes only 30 days to replenish.

So next time you are in the market and need a drink, you may consider purchasing Waiakea Water. It’s helping someone else get the clean water they need too.

Mikhail Blagosklonny – The Brilliant Scientist

Mikhail Blagoskolonny is well known scientist In New York city. He is an oncology professor at Roswell Park cancer institute who specializes in the study of cancer and aging. Mikhail has a Masters Degree in Internal medicine which he earned from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St Peters burg.He also earned a PhD. from the same institution in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology, he was made an associate professor at New York medical school in the field of medicine in Valhalla in the year 2002.

Later on, Mikhail went to Ordway Institute of Research where he had the opportunity to serve as a senior scientist. In the year 2009, He joined Roswell park Cancer Institute as an Oncology Professor.

Mikhail has had enough experience by working in different places. This has made him became not only an excellent but a distinguished professor in this field. He has had his research focused on bio gerontology, cancer, anti-aging drugs. He also had research and experiments on cancer therapies that prevents damage of healthy cells.

He is currently working at Cancer Biology and therapy as an associate editor. He is also the editor in chief of Oncotarget and cell cycle and also a member of a board that deals with death of cells and their differentiation. He recently introduced a hypothesis in signaling the relationship aging and cancer. He is among the highly ranked passionate advocates of Rapamycin-a drug used to treat cancer. He has had long researches in drug resistance in normal cells, onto-genesis, the cycle of a normal cell, mitosis and tumor suppression among others.

The aging hyper function theory was authored by this passionate scientist. He pays close attention to oncology as he believes that aging and cancer can be controlled. Unlike the common belief, Mikhail says that cancer can be cured basically by using Rapamycin.

Mikhail Blagoskolonny is among the most hardworking and committed oncology researchers in the world. He has taken his interest far enough that he has written over 300 research articles and book chapters. He has gone ahead and published several reviews in his name not forgetting that he is also an associate editor of an American journal- PLOS ONE. What inspires him is his unconditional care for humanity psyched up by a vision that he holds to see a disease free community.

The Success Story Behind The Chairman And The CEO Of Capital Group

Timothy Armour is the current chairman and the chief executive officer of Capital Group, a leading financial services company in America. He is also the chairman and the principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, a subsidiary of Capital Group and the chairman of Capital Group Companies Management Committee.

Mr. Armour holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. After graduating from college, Timothy began his career at Capital Group as a participant in The Associate Program. For the 33 years, he has worked for Capital Group, Tim has progressively been promoted to various positions. Timothy worked as the Capital Group investment analyst where he acted as the manager of global telecommunications and U.S service companies.

Mr. Tim was appointed as chairman of Capital Group in 2015 following the death of their chairman, Jim Rothenberg. Mr. Jim died of a heart attack while on vacation at the age of 69. While addressing the press, Mr. Armour mourned the sudden demise of Jim whom he termed as a close friend and a colleague. He praised Jim as a purposeful leader who had the interests of the company and the clients they serve at heart. He further pledged that despite the death of their chairman, under his leadership, Capital Group management committee and their associates will work together to preserve their 84 years legacy of showing commitments to the clients whom they serve.

Tim Armour is committed to expanding Capital Group. Under his leadership, Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management (SAM) formed a strategic partnership working agreement to cooperate on developing investment strategies for individuals and institutions in the Korean market. The two companies will work together on developing retirement solutions, assets allocation products and improve Samsung Asset Management investment capabilities. Capital Group will help SAM increase their investment capabilities by equipping SAM’s management team with relevant skills such as business and client management.

During a press release, SAM’s CEO Sung-hoon Koo praised the partnership saying that it will enable his firm to increase its active equity investment capabilities and implement changes in their asset allocation and product strategies. Mr. Tim on the other hand, welcomed the partnership adding that their bigger plan is to co-design investment solutions to fulfill the savings, retirement and insurance needs of the Korean business community.

Timothy Armour is a business leader who does his work diligently. Since he joined Capital Group, his outstanding performance has enabled him to be promoted to various positions until today where he is the company’s chairman. From his story, it is evident that hard work and determination are the true pillars for a better tomorrow.