Recommendation Tools enables Easy Identification of Missing Wikipedia Entries

Wikipedia articles and pages exist in approximately 300 languages, but a big number of those versions are incomplete and small. In one particular trial, computer scientist tripled the number of articles created by assigning missing entries to volunteer Wikipedia editors.

Over ten thousand volunteer editors distributed across the globe write most of the articles posted on Wikipedia. The volunteer editors play an integral role in Wikipedia page creation and updating those pages and provide a platform for people around the world to search through millions of articles existing in this free encyclopedia.

Easy identification of missing articles 

Wikipedia Foundation and Stanford’s computer scientists have developed recommendation tools to assist editors in diverse linguistic communities to pinpoint vital missing articles. Editors can utilize these recommendations and in case they are multilingual, translate second language articles and avail them to Wikipedia readers. For instance, the system will identify an editor residing in Madagascar who has interests in Climatology, understands French and Malagasy, and eventually recommend the editor to make a Wikipedia page for El Nino, which is missing from Malagasy Wikipedia. The writer will proceed to create an article expounding the role of El Nino in influencing rainfall, which in turn affects agriculture and causes flooding.

Background Information on Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki is a prestigious online Wikipedia writing company that specializes in creating and editing articles on behalf of companies, individuals, non-profit organizations, and other entities. It has a team of reputable and knowledgeable Wikipedia editors for hire who support the Wikipedia page with reliable references that are formatted correctly and written according to the rules and regulation of Wikipedia writing. Get Your Wiki ensures every page that is posted online will rank highly on established search engines.

Articles/page monitoring

Get Your Wiki possesses a team of professional editors who monitors the progress made by articles and pages that are posted online. The site is an open-source site that allows Wikipedia edits from different users. Therefore, the likelihood of malicious edits is high. Veteran editors maintain the reputation of businesses or an individual by ensuring only positive information is posted online. They create a Wikipedia page and will translate them into any language according to the specifications of the client. For more information about veteran Wikipedia editors click on this link;

How Wikipedia can enhance the reputation and success of a business

When articles about a brand or business are posted on Wikipedia, they appear on the first page of established search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The high ranking creates visibility and incredible online presence for the business. New clients are recruited while the existing ones are maintained. Firms that have fantastic online visibility accrue tremendous profits.