Ross Abelow Opens His Heart With The Go Fund Me Page For Animals

Have you ever walked down a really busy street in a large city and almost stepped on a dog or cat? People in large cities all over are noticing that the homeless pet population is skyrocketing out of control. When we sit and wonder why it is skyrocketing out of control we come up with the conclusion of someone being lazy. Lazy is not what happens. Animal shelters all over the world are overbooked with dogs and cats. No one really wants to older dogs or the larger dogs. Most want the cute and cuddly puppies or kittens. Thankfully they may find a home but what about the rest?

Animals need food, shelter, and warmth just like humans. These animals on the street are in need of all of these things. They also need medical attention. People may toss out a few crumbs off of a half eaten sandwich but that is the limit. Shelters are too full to accommodate any more dogs or cats. They end up putting down the ones in the shelter just so they can bring in new ones. This is unfair and cruel. Ross Abelow is an Attorney in New York. He is working hard with the community. He is setting up a go fund me for stray animals in hopes of landing money to help the shelters. Every penny that is raised will go to fund shelters with food and medical supplies for these animals.
The hopes are for the go fund me to raise $5000. dollars or more.

Ross Abelow is part of a law office that represents families and corporations. The type of law they handle is more in line with contracts and wills. Ross graduated from New York and passed his bar exam to begin a career in New York. He represents people in NY and surrounding areas. Ross is a good-natured family man that is hoping to really help these homeless dogs and cats get off the streets. If everyone would donate a few dollars to the cause, homeless animals would be a thing of the past. No one would have to worry about stepping over lost dogs in the streets.  Have a heart, donate to the Ross Abelow go fund me page for Strays in NY. You will feel better about yourself and those innocent animals.

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  1. They deserve the same opportunity to have a loving home and food. Begging would be a thing of the past. All of this money will help the dogs and cats of New York City to find homes and medical attention. There has been a lot of attention that can grant which is something very pleasing to do all at once.

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