SEC Whistleblowers Have Safe Haven With Lubatan Suchurow

The 2010 Dodd-Frank Act is powerful reform legislation that was enacted to prevent a repeat of the 2008 banking collapse. Due to retaliation against individuals who reported bad acts by financial institutions, a Whistleblower program was put in place. Individuals are given financial incentives and employment protections as encouragement to report violations to the SEC.

The office of Labaton Suchorow was one of the first law firms to provide assistance to SEC whistleblowers. The firm has a full staff of in-house investigators, forensic accountants and financial analysts at the client’s disposal. Former Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel for the SEC, Jordan A. Thomas, is lead attorney. While at the SEC, Jordan played a key role in drafting Whistlblower Program legislation.

Individuals in the Whistleblower program are entitled to a certian percentage of funds based on a successful conviction. In most cases, they receive anywhere from 10-30% of the funds and could be eligible for additional funds.

Under the Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Act, employers are prohibited from retaliating against individuals who report SEC violations. Whistleblowers can feel free to make anonymous reports providing they have legal counsel. The SEC has received hundreds of reports since Dodd-Frank. “It’s like nothing every happened,” said an SEC spokesperson. “You have many of the same offenders who apparently haven’t learned their lesson.”

Individuals interested in filing a case should do so by requesting a meeting with the SEC Whistleblower lawyers. Submissions can be made by email, snail mail or telephone. Whistleblowers will have an initial free consultation. During the first meeting, attorneys will take brief, initial information regarding the case. Lubaton Sucharow will not require–and urges the whistleblower not to provide identifying information regarding violators.

The Whistleblower reporting process is just that. Cases are approached with the utmost privacy and delicacy. Thorough investigations will be undertaken. And if felt warranted, Labaton Sucharow will proceed.

The professionals at Lubaton Sucharow will ensure that the client’s privacy will be respected at all times. The goal is to make the whistleblower feel relaxed and not pressured. We are committed to stand by your side through the entire process. Contact us today.