Sound Investment Advice From Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has made several people wealthier by helping them to invest in the proper stocks. He is the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is the founder of Profits Unlimited. Mampilly helps many people with investing, technology, small-cap stocks and special opportunities.

In 1991, Paul started as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He quickly grew within the company and became a manager of multimillion-dollar accounts at Deutsche Bank and ING. In 2006, he became the hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset Management.

After tiring of investing for the rich, Mampilly “retired” to spend more time with his family. He still is an investor, but he focuses on helping everyday people make money on their investments. This is when he founded his newsletters Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. In 2017, he is releasing a research service called True Momentum.

Paul Mampilly found that Wall Street did not help enough people even though he knew many people needed help with investing. His newsletter publishing is a way for him to reach several people of different types of backgrounds. This is possible, because his research is affordable to most Americans that was not available on Wall Street.

Any recommendation Mampilly writes about consists of thirty to forty hours of research that is done between himself and his team. Then he spends twenty to thirty hours on writing the recommendation. He would not suggest going into a stock blindly. He finds out how the stock could work for people with many charts and data for readers to see. Everything is written in a way that those without the financial knowledge would be able to follow the information easily.

Mampilly associates his level of dedication and continuous every day routine to his successful production. He is able to follow all of the trends and do all of the research necessary to add to his publications through his routine. Mampilly is a very successful man who many look up to for their financial investing wellbeing.

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