Talk Fusion has Revolutionized the Online Video Communication Industry

Talk Fusion represents a fruitful idea that was built from scratch by Bob Reina with the support of his friend, an IT Genius. The company was launched on 2007 and has become an international leader in the development of video communication commodities or products. It remains privately held with its headquarters in Florida, United States.

Talk Fusion’s Video Technology

Through its advanced video technology, helps to connect individuals from diverse parts of the globe. In addition, the use of Talk Fusion helps to empower individuals to attain their dreams or objectives. Consequently, the Video Email has been included in CONNECT, which is Talk Fusion’s strongest suite in its video communication merchandise. The suite boasts of video newsletters, live video chat, conferencing solutions, and live meeting.

Team of Experts

The teams consist of video professionals, dream builders, graphic gurus, master wordsmiths, and technology wizards.

Talk Fusion Products

The company has gained a lot of popularity and success making it the eighth biggest online service provider in terms of video content globally. Since it holds membership in the Direct Selling Association, its products are designed with the concept of keeping it simple. Consequently, they are highly attractive and easy to use and demonstrate.

Detailed Information about Bob Reina

Bob Reina served as a police officer in the Hillsborough County and a distributor for different direct selling businesses. His knowledge in the direct selling business or industry later became instrumental to his entrepreneurial objectives when the Talk Fusion idea clicked his mind. The idea for developing the Talk Fusion came about during a holiday in North Carolina back in 2004.

This was after failed attempts to send a video of a prospective vacation home to his friends through the email since the file was too large. Reina intends to continue developing advanced products, which will be consistent with the future. Further, he attained his criminology degree from the University of South Florida before joining the Tampa Police Academy, where he graduated top of his class.

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  1. Its success is greatly owed to its highly skilled team of experts in diverse field of specialization. Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 after sharing his idea with an IT proficient friend. I know that the best written resume will become available to those who need them too.

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