Venezuelan Food Crisis

Throughout the month of May, Venezuela has been experiencing a food shortage. According to Slide Share, which is an online newspaper that covers news around the world, Venezuelans are only able to find foods that contribute to poor health and weight gain. While this may not be a big deal to many of us, it is detrimental to Venezuelans because they are not used to eating such things. Before the shortage, people relied on milk, meat, and beans as their source of protein in their daily meals. Now, people are unable to find such items that used to be staples in their kitchens. They are now forced to eat things such as pastas, rice, and other starches. Several people’s health has already been hit hard by the food shortage says Secretary Osio, especially children and the elderly. Many children have had to miss school because they are so malnourished that they are barely able to function properly. Babies are also being affected by the food shortage. Babies rely on milk to aid in their development as well as to satisfy their hunger. Many mothers are mixing together cornstarch and water so that their babies will not be hungry. However, the cornstarch and water mixture is not helping their babies to develop.

The government has stepped in to try and help their suffering nation. They are beginning to promote farmers who have crops that they can sell. People are not able to get very much, but it is a lot more than what they have been receiving during the past month. For that, they are very thankful.